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Julian Doe’s Reviews

  • Definitively one of the greatest library on PianoBook!

    This library sounds incredible. It's not inferior to the various evolutions/textures library on the market and deserves the same appreciation as the commercial ones. The sound is subtle and the texture works as a great addition to small and large ensembles. If I have to nitpick the only thing that I don't like is that the patches are all in the same octave range. A mod that I've made to the ECO patches is to move the samples of the viola down one octave and the cello down two octaves. in this way, I can load all three patches in three different channels, and control them with the same midi in.

    30 October 2021
  • My go-to grand piano

    This is a five-star piano! I really like the character of this piano, the great sound recording, and the overall well-balanced sound. Since it was released this piano has been part of my template. It's also light on CPU and it's very recommended if you're composing on an old laptop like mine.

    Steinway Grand12 October 2021
  • A piano with personality

    This piano is very different from the standard pianos with a very unique sound and three microphones preset that allow you to fully customize the sound. Evry mic combination is capable to underline different characteristics of the piano. The overall sound is magnifically recorded, capturing every single detail, ambience and tuning. It's superbly balanced, with a gentle mid-range slope that makes the piano sits nicely in the mix.

    12 October 2021
  • Truly inspirational piano

    This is one of the first pianos that I've downloaded from the piano book and since then it's been an unmovable part of my template. A lot of character, great dynamics, well-defined low end, and warm highs. All recorded with the right amount of ambient that makes the piano works perfectly with every kind of reverb. Less than 14 Mb of memory usage makes this piano perfect for very old laptops like mine.

    English Classic12 October 2021
  • Awesome piano with interesting GUI

    As for the other "seasonal" recording of this Schimmel, the sound remains inspiring and perfectly recorded. This version is slightly more rounded and works well with solo playing.  A wide range of controls allows full customization of the sound of the piano. The tape sound is really good. High quality and great dynamic range in a package that uses slightly more than 4GB of memory.

    13 October 2021