Wobbly Guitar

Slapping a vibey guitar

The story

Hi everyone, This instrument is my Fender Telecaster recorded via an Electro Harmonics Good Vibes Chorus/Vibrato and recorded with an AKG C1000. I’ve slapped the strings to have a sound with a strong attack and let it fade with the vibrato effect. The mod wheel controls the LPF filter. I hope you like it. Julian

Reviews for Wobbly Guitar

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  • Simple and to the point

    This is indeed a wobby guitar. It's a very barebones patch that features the sound of a moderately processed electric guitar sound. It's very wet with a prominent attack and it is accessible in 4 octaves in the midrange. The sampling is quite good, and that's pretty much all of it. I found it sounding really cool in one-stroke chords, letting the tail fly and fade away.

    Alex Raptakis21 March 2022
  • WYSIWYG Guitar sounds!

    Here we have a very twangy and bright electric guitar sound with some baked in vibrato. one might think that the sampled vibrato wouldn't work when ou played multiple notes, but Julian has done a really good job here and the timing of the vibrato either seems to line up really well, or it doesn't clash when you play different notes at different times.

    If you dig into Kontakt, you will see that a couple of lowpass filters have been applied to the sound (it was originally even brighter!). I found that bring the cutoff frequency down just a little bit more took a little bit of the hard edge off of the samples and made them more playable. YMMV. Enjoy this fun electric guitar sample pack!

    Sam Ecoff03 May 2022