Please package your samples and sample instruments in a single ZIP file. Name the zip file the same as the name of the sample pack you use in the form above. Please include a photo of the instrument sampled (or a photo that represents its story) and a README.txt file that contains a the sample pack name, your name and the pack’s story.

The following is the preferred directory structure within the ZIP file:

README.txt - details of the sample pack
samples/ - a directory containing the raw sample files - .wav is preferred
*.nki/*.nkr/*.nkc etc - Kontakt instrument files (where appropriate)
*.dspreset - DecentSampler preset files (where appropriate)
*.exs - Logic Sampler/EXS24 instrument files (where appropriate)
*.sfz - SFZ instrument files (where appropriate)

Please name each sample file with the note being played, ensuring you use only sharp “#” symbols rather than flat “b” symbols. Distinguish between the volume layers by adding “p”/”mp”/”mf”/”f” as appropriate.

See FAQs for more information about scope of Pianobook and sampling.

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