Packaging Your Samples

To keep a uniform feel of all samples, please submit a single zip file containing the raw samples, any noise reduced versions, any sample instruments (e.g. ESX24 or Kontakt), a short text file describing your piano and a photo or two of the piano (ideally at least one landscape orientation for use in the library). The following is a recommended folder structure:


Please make sure your instruments are saved with “relative path” and not “absolute path” so they can be loaded easily by other people. As a quick test, try moving your whole directory of samples and instruments into a different folder on your computer and then load your instrument back into the sampler. If it complains about missing files you’ll need to rescan and save with relative paths.

The following is an example of what you might include in the README.txt file:

My Lovely Piano – by My Full Name

This piano has a lovely story that means a lot to me…


When you are ready… go ahead and submit your piano. We can’t wait to hear it!