What is all this about then?

Curated by one of the founders of Spitfire Audio, pianobook is a collective sample project that aims to bring together a community of likeminded music makers to talk about their stories through the pianos they use, admire and are inspired by.

The start point is the belief that every piano has a story, we will tell that story and then, as part of that narrative, sample the piano to preserve it at that point of its timeline. Christian Henson will then take these samples and mutate them (with the input of this community) into a whole new world of inspiring sounds, textures and instruments.

pianobook is a place to share stories, create something extraordinary, and learn something new about each other and our ourselves.

About Christian and this community.

Christian Henson was born in London, England 1971 and never enjoyed a formal music education. From leaving school at 18 years old he has embraced technology to challenge the paradigm of requiring a ‘conservetoire’ education in order to pursue a path creating orchestral music. Christian has since gone on to become an award winning, BAFTA and Ivor Novello nominated composer of Films, TV and Games.

10 years ago, sick of lacklustre orchestral sampling tools, Christian joined forces with Paul Thomson to form Spitfire Audio, which has gone on to be a leading light in helping inspire a generation of orchestral music makers.

Pianobook is drawing on a vibrant community of like-minded musicians, composers and creatives who are growing and contributing to Henson’s YouTube channel, a candid viewpoint on writing music in this brave new much to be scored world.

Pianobook has the full blessing of Spitfire Audio who will be packaging and releasing it once its baked!

We’re incredibly thankful to Mihail Mihayylov for creating the Pianobook logo, find out more about him here: https://www.behance.net/miha_ta


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