What is this all about then?

Pianobook is a peer-to-peer community of composers, producers and sound smiths sharing their sounds for all to use for free. Set up by Spitfire Audio founder Christian Henson the aim of this community is promote the notion that the best sounds for music are made by people who make it!

Every instrument plays witness to everyone who has played it and every piece of music played on it. This feeds into the DNA of the sound of the instrument whether it be a battered old piano at your grannies or a concert grand in a renowned venue. The truth behind every performance imbedded into its sonic characteristic cannot be hidden and so was born the idea behind pianobook, every piano has a story and by playing these pianos you tell that story.

About this creative community

Pianobook is run by a small group of dedicated volunteers but with the whole community contributing at large by creating and sharing musical demos of the different instruments so users can browse sounds. After launching in 2018 it soon became clear that not everyone was in a position to have an access to a piano so the team decided to open the flood gates too all “instruments” from poorly played flutes to fire extinguishers.

The enthusiastic spirit and invention of a creative community like this courses through every instrument giving you, the music maker, access to one of the rarest collections of music tools. Pristine? Not always. In tune? Well that is definitely optional. But full of life and originality? 100% of the time.

You don’t need to join to use these samples, all we request is that you don’t make commercial sample libraries out of them yourself. Contribute demos via soundcloud, or indeed have a go at making your first sample instrument for all to play and get members on our vibrant forum to help you if you get stuck. Once you’ve made your first instrument you get your own profile page where you can tout what it is you do to the community at large.

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Welcome to pianobook one of the most exciting creative music communities on the internet today!

We’re incredibly thankful to Mihail Mihayylov for creating the Pianobook logo, find out more about him here: https://www.behance.net/miha_ta