Frequently asked questions


Are there certain characters I should avoid when naming my sample pack files and folders?

To ensure compatibility across all operating systems and devices, there are certain characters that should be avoided.

Here is a helpful guide to file naming files and folders.

How can I update a sample pack?

To update a sample pack, simply resubmit via our form in the usual way:

Include information in the description so we know to link it to, or replace the old version link. We would also recommend versioning your main library folder so that downloaders can keep track of what version they are using.

How long do I have to wait before my sample pack is published?

With the new Pianobook 3.0 site, you can now upload your sample packs directly to the site and edit until they are published. Our team will download your files and check the following:

  • No material that breaches our EULA/ Terms (e.g. copyrighted audio or image files).
  • The content works (e.g. no errors opening Kontakt libraries).
  • No malware, virus’s, or damaging material in the upload.

We aim to check all uploaded sample packs within a few days before making them live. This is a vast improvement on the 6 week wait for the Pianobook 2.0 site!


I cannot unzip a Pianobook Sample Pack

Unzipping issues will often occur because the folder has been compressed on a different operating system to the one you are using.

If you cannot unzip a file on Mac, we recommend using The Unarchiver. Install the application, right click on the zip folder, and select unzip with… The Unarchiver:

If you are on Windows, try

Still have issues? Contact us via our Contact Form linked in the footer.

What is the Pianobook Discord Server?

The Pianobook Discord server was launched in March 2021 to replace our forum. It is a more modern way of connecting a community via instant messaging, but instead of a big Whatsapp group chat, Discord allows you to setup different channels for different topics. There is also the possibility of hosting events and livestreams via the server, which is something we hope to explore in the future.

To join, you simply need to setup a Discord account:


Why has my Review been deleted?

We will remove reviews for the following reasons:

  • Abuse or inappropriate behaviour that goes against our EULA/ Terms
  • The amount of stars given does match the review text (e.g. the reviewer has praised the sample pack but given 1 or 2 stars overall).
  • The review has scored the sample pack 1 or 2 stars, but has not given any feedback as to why that judgement was made. Always include what you would like to see improved.
  • The review is too subjective and does not offer constructive feedback. In this case, it is best to not leave a review.
Are Pianobook Sample Packs Royalty Free or Free for Commercial Use?

Yes, all sample packs uploaded to the Pianobook website should* be copyright free. By uploading the sample pack, the Samplist (uploader) agrees for the packs to be downloaded and used by members of the Pianobook Community on any commercial and non-commercial compositions.

It is forbidden to sell or redistribute the sample libraries that you do not own the copyright to (e.g. you are not the uploader).

For more information, please consult our End User License Agreement.

* we cannot guarantee sample packs uploaded to this site are copyright free as the responsibility of ensuring this is in the hands of the Samplist (uploader). We will remove any sample packs that breach our EULA, but do not take any responsibility for copyright infringements as a result of using sample packs found on this site.

Why is Kontakt opening the Library in Demo Mode?

All of the libraries on Pianobook that use Kontakt require the Full Version of Kontakt. If you are using the free version (Kontakt Player), each library will be usable in demo mode for a period of 15 minutes.

You can purchase Kontakt from Native Instruments. Typically, NI offer a 50% discount in their sales that take place in the Summer and during the Thanksgiving sales period.


Can I pay a tip in a currency other than GBP?

The Samplist can choose their default currency in their account, in any case you should be shown the amount converted into your local currency before you complete the payment.

How much of my money does the Samplist receive?

Neither Pianobook or Kofi takes a commission but the Samplist will have to pay a commission to either Stripe or PayPal, depending on which payment processor they decide to use. We recommend Stripe as the fees are lower meaning Samplists keep more of the money. Stripe charge 20p + 1.4% for European cards (or 2.9% for non-European cards) so if you gave £1 the Samplist would receive at least 77p. If you gave £3 the Samplist would receive at least £2.74.

Is it possible to find out how many tips have been earned on an individual pack?

No, it is not currently possible to find out how much Tip money specific packs you have released have earned. We would therefore encourage tippers to add the title of the sample pack in their Tip comment box if they are donating for a specific reason other than just funding the artist.

How can I distribute Tips to more than one person?

It is your responsibility to distribute the funds amongst anyone you collaborated with. We encourage collaboration and therefore would encourage collaborators to make it clear how Tips will be distributed amongst any partners before publication.  Pianobook will not intervene in the case of a dispute, but may at our discretion remove any pack that conflicts with our EULA, or where a formal or informal dispute over funds has taken place.

Is there a minimum donation?

Ko-fi allows Samplists to set a minimum donation so you may see different amounts. To avoid a relatively high percentage of donations going towards Stripe or PayPal fees we recommend setting the minimum donation to £3