Synchrotones’s Reviews

  • Magical

    This is absolutely gorgeous. So clear and playful. Very natural sounding. The rainfall patch is an utter delight; and the pads are wonderful. One of my favourite PB libraries! Well done!

    Spring Chimes21 June 2022
  • Packs quite a punch

    Little organ, big sound.

    Little Red Organ07 July 2022
  • Aye marimba!

    Lovely, warm, rounded sound to this marimba. Beautiful instrument, well done!

    Rental Marimba07 July 2022
  • Incredibly beautiful

    Thank you for sharing this instrument, it is incredibly beautiful, atmospheric and inspirational. Just sitting down for a moment and playing this piano is a joy.

    The Felt Library07 July 2022
  • Gentle and beautiful

    I think this was one of the libraries I downloaded here; and I still love it. Lovely, realistic, gentle piano sound. Especially with a touch of reverb. Very useful.

    The Quiet Piano22 June 2022