The Quiet Piano

Beautiful old piano in the Alps sampled una corda at a the lowest dynamics possible....

The story

Located in a tiny village in the alps, The Quiet Piano is a beautiful old, dusty grand piano with rusty out-of-tune strings. We only sampled the quietest dynamics, all played una corda.

The pedal resonances have been sampled separately. This means you can play a note, then press down the sustain pedal and you will hear the sound of the resonating strings being added.



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  • Oddly named, but well worth your time...

    The GUI on the atmospheres patch could have been programmed a little more intuitively, however it sort of works like a drawbar organ, which is a fun idea. Once you sit with it for a while you can stumble on some great sounds. The piano patch isn't particularly quiet as I think others have pointed out, but it sounds marvellous nonetheless. There's a lovely warm sparkle to the top-end and overall its been programmed very well.

    R.Treves20 October 2021
  • Not that quiet, but worth checking out

    I am not sure why it is called the Quiet Piano, since the actual sound of even the lowest sample doesn't sound very quiet. It is quiet in volume, but it doesn't represent the gentle piano sound where the hammers barely touch the strings. The actual character of the piano is interesting though. The low-mid end sounds like if it was blend with a guitar or an e-piano. The mid-high ones sound a little less artifical, but still not the sound I am expecting when the title is the word "Quiet" inside it. The sampling is good though, with no white noise as far as I can dell, but there are some unwanted clicks every now and then. The worst part is that the actual release time is set very early, resulting in a very unnatural cut when you play more staccato-like. The GUI is very interesting. It offers different tuning modes but I honestly can't tell the difference no matter how long I test it. The dynamics setting is kind of a joke to me, because it doesn't seem to provide more layers, just a sensitivity of volume, which it matters only if you use it between 70-90%. The small mixing console for the main mics, hammers and pedal is very cool though. All in all, for a 3,4GB instrument size, this is kind of disappointing, but definitely someting worth checking out.

    Alex Raptakis19 October 2021
  • Delicate Piano

    The main instrument plays so beautifully, I almost can't put it down. The atmospheres are inspiring, beautiful and, I believe, genuinely useable. The GUI is well laid out. Honestly, this is one that eclipses so many commercially available libraries, I am astonished. Straight 5 stars, thank you

    Charlie Olins15 October 2021
  • Gentle and emotional piano

    Lovely emotional piano. You may need a different piano to add brightness but it's sombre tone is seductive. Interesting GUi too with unusual options.

    Boag110 October 2021