The story

Located in a tiny village in the alps, The Quiet Piano is a beautiful old, dusty grand piano with rusty out-of-tune strings. We only sampled the quietest dynamics, all played una corda.

The pedal resonances have been sampled separately. This means you can play a note, then press down the sustain pedal and you will hear the sound of the resonating strings being added.


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  • Delicate Piano

    The main instrument plays so beautifully, I almost can't put it down. The atmospheres are inspiring, beautiful and, I believe, genuinely useable. The GUI is well laid out. Honestly, this is one that eclipses so many commercially available libraries, I am astonished. Straight 5 stars, thank you

    Charlie Olins15 October 2021
  • Gentle and beautiful

    I think this was one of the libraries I downloaded here; and I still love it. Lovely, realistic, gentle piano sound. Especially with a touch of reverb. Very useful.

    SynchrotonesSamplist 22 June 2022
  • Pretty great!

    I remember the days not too long ago paying hundreds of dollars for piano samples and virtual instruments which weren't as musical nor as playable as this lovely piano. I love the resonances that are added in later. There are a few samples that have some creaks if you hold the notes long enough, but I feel it adds to the realism. I think it's great that the hammier and pedal noises are controllable separately from the main notes and resonances, and I appreciate that by default they are not UBER LOUD as is so often the case with libraries on PB. There is a lot of low end in the hammer samples, though, so if I had to reach and try to find some way in which this instrument could be better, I would probably have cut out at least some of the low end of those noises. Still, as someone who uses them really softly most of the time, it's nothing that bothers me. This instrument isn't particularly dynamic, even with the dynamic control, but that isn't really the point of this instrument. It covers the soft side of the dynamic spectrum, and as someone who is first and foremost a pianist, I found this library really musical and playable. It's definitely going in my "Keepers" folder!

    Sam EcoffSamplist 21 November 2021
  • Inspirationally thought provoking

    I kind of like this one a bit, even if it doesn't ultimately make it on a track (oh and it probably will) it's a good one for getting a start for layering ideas I think. I especially appreciate the selection of controls on the GUI. I need to tinker some more with this as I'd like to send the atmospherics out for some mutilation and mayhem, but right now I'm on a rainy day mission to download as much piano book as possible.

  • Really Stunning.

    This is a really stunning, close sounding and clear piano. Its really warm but not too warm and bright enough without being overbearing. Some of the more mid range notes have a certain resonance if not completely fond of though. For an instrument named quiet piano though i was surprised that i cant reach that barley audible dynamic layer. That would have been nice. The GUI offers you alot of control with effects as well as a mic mix. There are also atmospheres that come along with this that are really pretty and add some nice ambience. Apart from a few small issues this is really superb

    septemberwalk15 November 2021
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