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To make a library has always been something that I have idealized. After I released “The Felt Library” project (available on all digital platforms), it made sense to finally make this library happen. Despite having few resources available, my good friend Andrew Fly by Cinematic Alpha encouraged me and was fundamental in getting this project to completion. “The Felt Library” is the result. I hope this library can become a helpful tool for composers and film composers in the community. This library captures my Daewoo piano, recorded with two large diaphragm microphones connected to my apollo UAD in my home studio. I hope you like it.


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  • Incredibly beautiful

    Thank you for sharing this instrument, it is incredibly beautiful, atmospheric and inspirational. Just sitting down for a moment and playing this piano is a joy.

    SynchrotonesSamplist 07 July 2022
  • Wonderful Felt Piano

    This felt piano has a great tone. It feels up close and intimate and sounds very warm and soft. You can also hear lots of nice details in the sound. It responds really well to velocity and is a lot of fun to play. Besides the main patch you are also getting two other patches. The Cinematic one gives you a more ambient sound and the Nature patch gives you a background texture with all kinds of lovely nature sounds, which creates a really beautiful atmosphere. I highly recommend to check out this library if you are looking for a good felt piano.

    AndromedaX828 September 2022
  • Beautiful instrument

    A simply gorgeous piano - rich and full of character. Three different nki (including the core instrument) included. The main instrument is the most usable with the other two adding reverb and light field recordings to the mix.
    It would have been great to include controls to add these elements into the main instrument to taste, but the included presets are nice. Lovely stuff.

    johnparttimer29 June 2022
  • wonderful instrument piano

    You rarely get sympathy with the sound of a modified piano in different libraries with its large size
    But this library attracted me a lot and inspired me to work.. Congratulations.. and thank you for your efforts.

    R.K.O29 June 2022
  • A Lovely Felt Instrument

    It gives a whole different feel compared to other pianos. It has a softening sound that makes you feel sympathetic. Will definitely use this as a weapon for some of my projects ;D ;D. Once again, really love the sound, and what an awesome instrument!

    Pocholo Guillar01 July 2022
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