johnparttimer’s Reviews

  • Excellent stuff from Fred

    Wonderful soundscape-y noises to add depth and edge to compositions. Lots of creative options allow you to hone in on the right sound and blend between the layers. Lovely stuff!

    Corrosion15 June 2022
  • Consistently brilliant

    Another amazing instrument from Hunter. Tons of character, a real breadth of options/tweakability and fun interfaces - just download it!

  • Lovely idea - well executed

    This a fun idea, beautifully put together. It's nice to have the option to add distortion layers, but the bare-bones instrument is great and characterful as it is!

    lofiAudio Pheunium22 April 2022
  • beautiful instrument

    Nicely recorded piano with a unique tone to add to the collection...My only wish is for there to be an even quieter dynamic layer. Would absolutely love to hear this one barely register.

  • Great sounding pizz

    A really well recorded pizzicato that sounds incredibly "real". Lots of modifications to the sound are possible meaning that you can find the exact character you want or need.
    The star of the show is the inverted patch which sounds the note when you release the key rather than when you press it. It's a weird experience to play but, as Alex says, it makes sense.