Hunter’s Hammond – Tonewheel Ecosystems

The electric organ's version of a prepared piano—a dreamy haven of pitch drift and twinkling nostalgia......

The story

The Hammond Rhythm II, is one of the last home/consumer models that Hammond manufactured using tonewheels (honest to goodness metal wheels which spin in the chassis of the organ).

This means warbling, inconsistency, and noise <3

In the patch “Tonewheel Spins” I took full advantage of the machine’s physicality. I held a variety of chords while the organ was off and flipped the power on to watch the chord I was holding groan to life.

The patch “Tonewheel Memories” required enlisting the expert help of my girlfriend who held notes while I used my newly freed hands to create swells and textures with the drawbars. This patch runs deep with sonic options, and, thanks to the scripting help of Pianobook’s own obolig, these options should be really easy to explore, customize, and save. And it’s all there in one patch rather than spread clumsily and inconveniently across 7 different nki’s! What a novel idea!

If you like how it sounds, you can thank me, but if it’s slick to use, you should be thanking obolig.

Included patches:
-Tonewheel Spins
-Tonewheel Memories

A Lovely Review by Christian


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  • Hunter is crazy.

    Hunter is blessed with achieving incredible sounds, packed in amazing designs, and all that for free. This is no exception. It's an instrument that brings you back to the analog era, with a lo-fi warmth that fills you with nostalgia.

    It's a magnificent, extraordinary sound, with the true meaning of the word. It also comes with 19 different presets that can be switched within the GUI. And if you are not happy with thous (which I highly doubt it), there is a randomizer button, and a save function. Additionally, you will find another patch that is conveniently labeled and spread across the keyboard.

    This is an extraordinary library that you just have to witness in order to understand its goodness. It's an incredible achievement, and a gift to the Pianobook community.

    Alex Raptakis30 April 2022
  • PRESETS!!!

    Hunter's Hammond is a perfect balance between diverse presets and specialized sounds. Hunter has provided many beautiful presets for Tonewheel Memories that take me back to warmer and more analog times. Creating your own presets is made easy with randomize and save features. I love having the ability to add noise to the character of the instrument. It's crazy that Hunter provides TWO, completely unique, instruments with this single download. With Spins, you can achieve beautifully rich tones with the push of a single key. Add movement with the two vibratos or Leslie. Once again, Hunter has proven himself to be an absolute legend!

    obolig30 March 2022
  • Bravo!

    The number of presets and creative configuration options really pushes this past the five star mark. thanks for all the effort that went into making this :)

    Geoff Ereth31 March 2022
  • Consistently brilliant

    Another amazing instrument from Hunter. Tons of character, a real breadth of options/tweakability and fun interfaces - just download it!

    johnparttimer22 April 2022
  • Great sounds and a great kontakt package

    The sounds in this are great, there a large set of sample sets to pick from, and is complete with the always-useful ADSR knobs. The noise package is great too.
    From a sound design standpoint, I think maybe the high-pitch portions of the tails are a little bit loud, and I find myself eq'ing these bits out pretty heavily. Ideally, this would contain a way of controlling the volume of those high pitch elements relative to the lower pitch initial wave.
    But the overall package is just stellar, the art of the GUI, and the conisderation of ADSR, the multiple presets. just so good well done.

    ryan weeks09 April 2022
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