Christian Henson’s Reviews


    Just thank you... The first time of many I suspect that I will give 5 stars to recording quality when it is perfectly imperfect! Just a great example of how inspiring these tape instruments can be. A testament to the whole ethos of Pianobook. For me the sound evokes old 1970s government information films. This instrument is used extensively in one of the episodes in season 7 of Inside No9 and the makers of that series love it! See if you can spot it Andrew!!! Thanks again for the inspiration.

    Cassette Tape Organ27 October 2021
  • My Fave Pianobook Sample Pack Of 2021


    Because the minute I started playing it I created the theme for a big picture I worked on this year called "Unwelcome". This is what pianobook is about, dive into it, pull something out.... and what do you get? An entire score.

    Lo-fi, tapey, warbly gorgeousness that reeks of a story. There is nothing contrived about this, like when a commercial dev makes "lo fi" sounds. This is proper Blue Peter / Edward Heath, playing with a sonic chemistry set.


    C. x

    24 December 2021
  • Simply Sublime

    A true gift to the community with such a romantic back story. No wonder this became the first ever LABS collaboration. Perfect for neo classical Olafur Arnalds or Nils Frahm style wispy slow moving music. Use for your professional output but also as a nerve calming meditative device!

    Flute+Violin12 October 2021
  • My Fave Piano On Pianobook!

    ...and why do I say this. Well for me it embodies the spirit of pianobook. To be able to play Dan, playing this piano, in this space at this time. It is an immersive sonic photograph. The piano will only sound like this on this day. The number of times it has been played, who has played it, who hasn't, all the way back to it coming out of the factory and what the weather was like that day. What Dan has done is allow us to experience that. The recording is impeccable, and it is about as close as you'll get to being in the room, listening to Dan play on that piano, day and time. Congrats Dan, a classic. Vintage piano but not pub! Great if you want a natural "real" piano as you would find it in someone's house not a concert hall.

    The King’s Upright13 October 2021
  • Made Me Cry

    This is just utterly delightful, the ache in Micah's voice is palpable. A truly inspiring masterpiece of a sample pack.

    Micah’s Choir12 October 2021