Winter Piano

A wintery version of Christian's famous LABS piano

The story

As we start our pre-production process of self discovery I’m going to put out a whole bunch of prototypes for you to feedback on. As of January 2019 (and ten years into my Spitfire odyssey!) I still don’t know how to use Kontakt, so versions from me are currently EXS24 format unless otherwise specified. Some of the community have gladly contributed their own Kontakt instruments and via their own portals!

Here’s video about how it was sampled (in 2 min 10 seconds)

Reviews for Winter Piano

  • Sound
  • Character
  • Playability
  • Inspiration
  • GUI

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  • Lovely tone but...

    ...if you downloaded the Kontakt version, as I did, you'll need to do a quick "edit". Hit the spanner and scroll down to the "Amplifier" section, just above "instrument buses", click the "MOD" button and on the 2nd row it reveals go to the slider in the middle - in line with the "velocity" dropdown and adjust it from 39% up to about 63%. Now you have a piano with dynamics that respond to velocity properly. Yes, as others have said, in a perfect world another dynamic layer would be nice but actually this has a lovely warm, comforting tone - like a hot cup of cocoa an a winters day - and sometimes you don't need a massively dynamic instrument - you just need the "right" dynamics for the piece. Beautifully recorded with a lovely character.

    Mark Lord03 December 2021
  • Polar Piano

    Maybe it's just the name but this piano really does sound cold. Good recording and character. I found the longer notes at the bottom end a little overpowering but that it possible because I play very lightly and is easily fixed.

    NemoralisMusic16 March 2022
  • Might not work for me

    Ive said before in reviews that for me personally a piano can be the most beautifully sampled piano in the world but if it doesn't have 3 dynamic layers minimum it will be mostly unusable to me. This is how i feel about this piano. The recording is beautiful, close and clear. The mechanical noise and the release triggers sound awesome. The tone is balanced. But for me personally i just cant make this work in its current state of dynamics. There are some circumstances where dynamics arent needed but 99 percent of the time in scoring you want some nice dynamics. Christian has done so much for all of us and inspired all of us. His native flute ebows is one of my top 5 instruments on the site but this particular piano just won't work for me.

    septemberwalk15 November 2021
  • On the verge of value...

    All this library needs is a few more samples and dynamic layers to really ensure that the performances sound realistic. Adding either pads or other types of processing are always a nice addition as well, but it still sounds good without them. Other than that it's just minor issues with consistency between the keys and ranges that would benefit from a little cleaning up.

    Christopher27 October 2021
  • Not too wintery-cold!

    As its title might suggest, it's not a very cold-sounding piano. While it sounds decent, to me it doesn't give me the vibes of hot cocoa during a rainy night. Not that it doesn't sound good! It does, except it's not really dynamic, and that there are some minor sampling inconsistencies that you might observe every now and then. To my surprise, there was a full ADSR settings interface which Christian is not used to include in his instruments. My biggest turnoff though is that its panning is leans mostly to the left side. I set it at around 35R and it got a little better, but still.

    Alex Raptakis23 October 2021
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