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Fred Poirier’s Reviews

  • Help! my head is stuck!

    I have never put my head inside a piano, but this sounds and feels like it. Top notch samples!

    06 August 2021
  • Incredible and unique sound!

    One of the most unique sound on Pianobook. Creepy, dark and haunting, I used this sound on several projects, it worked every time! Bravo.

    Hildur’s Harpsichord16 October 2021
  • Brilliant!

    Beautiful piano, very well recorded, but the most amazing feature of this library is this « for Airports » patch, press a few notes and let the magic happens! Thank you Kady for this impressive work!!

    24 January 2022
  • So Simple, so beautiful

    Simple synth sounds packed in a very clever interface, an invitation to create your very own sounds! Very inspiring and fun to use, already have a couple of presets to share!

    Simple 805 April 2022
  • A successful first instrument!

    Andrea sent me this sample pack before releasing it on Pianobook, but today I discovered the lovely story behind this sample pack. Creation is a leap of faith, and creating your first virtual instrument is something incredibly complicated, because of all the work you have to put in the recording, programming, playability... and on top of that, try to overcome this impostor syndrome. Andrea got inspired and went for it, and you can feel it in the final result!

    3 different signals, first one is the original recording of the rope, second one called The Pull is a processed version, third one is a calming sea sound. I really enjoy the Pull, it has a lot of character, especially in the low range. Mixing it with the two other signals and a bit of built-in reverb, you get an unusual and aquatic sound.

    Can't wait to see what Andrea will do next!

    Poseidon’s Pull16 June 2022