Fred Poirier’s Reviews

  • Help! my head is stuck!

    I have never put my head inside a piano, but this sounds and feels like it. Top notch samples!

    Claustrophobic Piano06 August 2021
  • Incredible and unique sound!

    One of the most unique sound on Pianobook. Creepy, dark and haunting, I used this sound on several projects, it worked every time! Bravo.

    Hildur’s Harpsichord16 October 2021
  • My go-to Grand Piano

    This instrument encapsulates everything I love about a warm Grand Piano sound. When I play this Steinway Grand, I feel I'm a better pianist than I really am. Great work Jon!

    Steinway Grand16 October 2021
  • Beautiful evolving piano texture

    This instrument changed the way I see sample instruments. Sometimes all you need to create a unique and inspiring soundscape is ONE sample. I love to play a couple of notes, hit the sustain pedal, and let the magic happen.

    Southsea Glimmer16 October 2021
  • Warm and unperfect sound

    This may be the most "Pianobook" piano for me: A lot of character, a bit of noise, a pleasure to play. The noise layers are great to improve realism. Tip: you can even keep only these layers and play them with another piano to add some mechanical noises to a clean piano!

    Mickleburgh Piano16 October 2021