The story

The Pianobook community has come together to create the World’s Biggest BRAAAM! Samples collected across the globe have been packaged into both Kontakt and Decent Sampler formats so that everyone can easily use this incredible creation made by all of us. The Kontakt version incorporates an adjustable moon macro knob with unique processors and presets specific to the two versions while the Decent Sampler version allows the user to fine tune parameters such as Drive, Reverb, and Tremolo!

Use the yellow and purple keys to tune and trigger samples respectively. Note that the waveforms are displayed with their corresponding samplists allowing users to know who created each BRAAAM. Thank you to everyone that contributed to this project. Don’t forget to push the SUPER KEY all the way to the right side to hear all samples being triggered at once to create the WORLD’S BIGGEST BRAAAM!

A special thank you to Angus Roberts-Carey for organizing the event, Owen Bolig for creating the Kontakt instrument, Fred Poirier for creating the Decent Sampler instrument, and the rest of the Pianobook team for helping behind the scenes.

Congratulations to the competition winners:

1 BEST SPACE: Thomas Schimmack

2 BIGGEST ENSEMBLE: dekoningtan

3 BEST PROCESSING: Stephen O’Connell


5 BEST VIDEO: Evans The Bard

6 BEST OVERALL SAMPLE: Christopher Scullion


Reviews for World’s Biggest BRAAAM

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  • Character
  • Playability
  • Inspiration
  • GUI

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  • Maybe biased, but...

    The fact that Steven, Owen, Fred, and Angus managed to put together such an epic mix and make the instrument so powerful and useful with all these submissions (which also had so variation and creativity) is just wonderful! It is FREE and yet sounds as epic as many paid-for braam libraries. It is a testament to how great this community is when things all come together. The Braam really kicks braam butt!

    dekoningtanSamplist 24 January 2023
  • Great Braaam, tons of flexibility

    That massive hit is SO good. Has that over the top cinematic sound for sure. But what really sets this apart is that it contains all those individual contributor braaams. There's so much flexibility here. It's amazing!

    smarka08 March 2023
  • This rocks!

    I'd be lying to say that my expectations for this were high. After all, we have access to gigabytes of free and paid Braaams. Do we really need more? What could the Pianobook community offer that hasn't been done a million times before?
    As it turns out, quite a lot! An understated, well designed GUI, with hidden features provides not only access to an impressive collection of very cool Braaams, but to a host of effects and faders that deliver an almost endless variety of speaker-rattling sounds. This is better than many cinematic braaam libraries - free or paid. Proof yet again that the Pianobook Community Rocks!

    Steves-Lens24 January 2023