The Discord Choir

How to make some choir samples with friends when it's lockdown and everyone must stay at home? Use Discord of course!...

The story

How to make some choir samples with friends when it’s lockdown and everyone must stay at home? Use Discord of course!

For the #PianobookWinterVoices project, I created (with a little help from my friends) five samples using Discord.

I wanted to put into practice what I had seen during the Olafur Arnalds concert at the Salle Pleyel in Paris last year. Before one of his song, Olafur asks the audience to sing one note, all together. He records this sound for about 20 seconds and uses it as a pad for his song. I tried to adapt this technique to a recording session via Discord with my friends.

It went a little more glitchy as I expected, but after a bit of editing, time-stretching and several EQs and reverbs, the result is quite nice!

A HUGE thank you to Alexandre, Céline, Julie, Léa, Louis, Ophélie, Susan and Zazou!

The Discord Choir


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  • Simply Stunning!

    The best Pianobook libraries are often the simplest. This library is testament to that. It's extremely expressive and beautifully recorded. The two included patches work exactly how you'd want them to. The vibrato controllable by MW on the standard patch is HEAVENLY. There is a beautiful Wind like quality to the choir and it sounds gorgeous! Amazing work!

    R.Treves18 October 2021
  • Beautiful.

    Warm, human and beautifully engaging. A must add to your collection.

    Mark08 March 2022
  • Yes, please!

    This is one instrument that shouldn't be overlooked by noone. This is exactly why pianobook exists, and it should be highlighted everywhere. Not only the idea is fantastic, but the whole execution is perfect as well. Big thanks to whoever participated in this majestic instrument! Note: There is no Kontakt label in the thubmnail, but there is proper support for it.

    Alex Raptakis25 October 2021
  • For me this one it's perfect.

    To be honest I would have paid for this library..I mean it just perfect! You guys really all did an amazing job , this is without a doubt one of my favorite libraries if I want to add some choirs to my songs. Also thanks for the wonderful gift of putting this stunning library on Decent Sampler ❤

    ARKAN14 October 2021
  • Discord for Decent Sampler.

    Thank you! It's neat, and it sounds great.

    thelonehighway12 October 2021
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