Mark Lord’s Reviews

  • Utterly brilliant.

    Just goes to show you're only limited by your imagination and ingenuity. First we start with variations on one of the coolest Alt Bass/Guitar sounds I've heard in a long time. The GUI is a brilliant and perfectly judged - exactly the sort of effects I would have been reaching for anyway. Then we move on to a plentitude of no fewer than 9 perfectly executed lessons in sound design which cover a breathtaking range of textures and genres. In a world of "samey" this is so refreshing. Followed, can't wait to see what's next.

    The Rubberband Box04 November 2021
  • I'm in love, another astounding PianoBook piano.

    I think this is it. I think this might actually be the one. Not for everything obviously, so many brilliant "specialist" pianos on PianoBook, felted, binaural etc etc. But for an everyman piano it's definitely in my top 2. Special thanks to Bob Ellis for the 5.8 version - my only criticism of the original was the transition for the forte samples which felt slightly not quite right - maybe it was just for my keyboard - but it's perfect now, along with the other fixes. I just can't believe how dynamic and yet even everything is. Delicate pianos, rich fortes. Yep, I think this is it, my first ever "perfect" instrument.

    Mason & Hamlin Model A06 December 2021
  • Want Taiko? Download it...

    As someone who has been lucky enough to record a Taiko ensemble a couple of times I can honestly say - IF your monitors go loud enough and low enough - this is just like listening to the real thing. Love having the round robins at either end of the keyboard, makes playing convincing poly rhythms a breeze. Love the GUI - seems like the perfect set of controls for this library. If you've read any of the other reviews or indeed downloaded any of Angus' other instruments then it goes without saying that the recording and sampling are beyond reproach. So basically a professional library for free.

    28 December 2021
  • Gaffer "fixes" everything

    I'm not normally one for "prepared piano" - apart from maybe a little felt - but this is stonking. At 'p' you can tell it's a piano but it sounds "palm muted", rise to "mf" and it almost sounds like a percussion or string blend and at "f" everything from guitar to slap to "fret noise" depending where you play. A great, percussive instrument and the icing on the cake is the GUI. Dial in just the right about of "pitched" extras, balance the mics and some splosh and finally, finally we have control over those release samples and pedal noise. YES!

    01 November 2021
  • A commercial quality collection, but for free.

    Make no mistake, if Joshua were a "big name" media composer you would find this collection on Spitfire and you'd be expected to pay for it. If you already love what JM does - and I most certainly do - then this is more of the same goodness but with some different and intriguing combinations. What's not to like? 38 "greatest hits" - just download it.

    Joshua’s Hybrids03 December 2021