Mark Lord’s Reviews

  • Gaffer "fixes" everything

    I'm not normally one for "prepared piano" - apart from maybe a little felt - but this is stonking. At 'p' you can tell it's a piano but it sounds "palm muted", rise to "mf" and it almost sounds like a percussion or string blend and at "f" everything from guitar to slap to "fret noise" depending where you play. A great, percussive instrument and the icing on the cake is the GUI. Dial in just the right about of "pitched" extras, balance the mics and some splosh and finally, finally we have control over those release samples and pedal noise. YES!

    The Gaffer01 November 2021
  • Utterly brilliant.

    Just goes to show you're only limited by your imagination and ingenuity. First we start with variations on one of the coolest Alt Bass/Guitar sounds I've heard in a long time. The GUI is a brilliant and perfectly judged - exactly the sort of effects I would have been reaching for anyway. Then we move on to a plentitude of no fewer than 9 perfectly executed lessons in sound design which cover a breathtaking range of textures and genres. In a world of "samey" this is so refreshing. Followed, can't wait to see what's next.

    The Rubberband Box04 November 2021
  • Utterly beautiful

    I think I've just found my new favourite "soft" piano. So expressive, so warm, not too wooly and drenched with feeling and emotion. Not sure I need the "snow" but the control over "warm" and splosh is welcome. The best thing about this piano thought is just how playable it is - very even with great dynamic spread it's just a pleasure to play; which I will be doing for some time. Could Christian's Schimmel go on to become the most famous "media piano" in history? Quite possibly if this version is anything to go by.

  • Of this world, yet other-worldy. Outstanding.

    The pinnacle of the "Thrumming Textures" series. First off, creating a useful music instrument from these sounds is very clever. But having a GUI with mixer controls that can be used in real time takes this to another level, both in terms of creativity and usefulness. Wind is really the note fundamental, thunder the depth, rain the "particles" of the thrum and birds - well, who doesn't like birds. The absolute key is being able to mix these to level that makes sense for your composition in real time. Outstanding work.

  • Epic Inspiration

    Every single one of these could for the basis for a track and there in lies its strength and weakness. I'd almost be nervous using these in something commercial as it feels like cheating lol. These are an epic resource though - another amazing pack from Joshua that feels like it shouldn't be free, so much work and excellent crafting has gone into this. As an aside, I am bemused by comments along the line of "cuts off too quickly" or "has the wrong attack" - not so much due to the fact that this is a freely given resource, but because it's so unbelievably easy to fix. Surely we're all using these inside some type of DAW? So bounce it down to an audio track and fade the end, or crossfade it back to beginning somewhere to make it last forever. Or am I missing the point?

    The Lowland Drones04 November 2021