The story

My father passed away early this year. We were lucky enough to have a funeral before the COVID19 lockdown, but because all of us are sheltered at home we cannot go to his house and sort through the family belongings.

In his house there’s an AB Chase baby grand piano that I learned to play on. It’s out of tune and needs a total overhall, and we fear that it will end up in the junk heap as not many pianos from the Golden Age are being restored unless they have Steinway written on them.

I didn’t realize that I had a connection to that instrument until last year after I bought a restored 1928 Mason & Hamlin Model A. Last year visiting my dad, my kids were playing his piano and told me that it sounds similar to our M&H. I guess I gravitated toward this sound character as many pianos of this era (made in America) have the “American” sound.

So, to practice sampling and mastering the Kontakt workflow, I decided to sample my Mason & Hamlin Model A. When the lockdown opens, I’ll sample my Dad’s AB Chase for posterity.

Stereo recording was done using a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 and two Audio Technica AT2035’s. A brighter sounding Samson GoMic was used a bit further from the piano – it’s what I had. Add some reverb to the SFZ files.


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  • Excelente

    Gracias por tu aporte, es muy inspirador!! es muy versatil

    Gustavodarzak1704 June 2022
  • This piano is my muse

    Thank you for the creation of this piano!! It has become my muse and goto piano for all that I write. I've tried and compared what seems like hundreds of pianos, never being satisfied with the character and sound of them - I'm extremely picky. Then I came across this beautifully sampled Mason & Hamlin. It hit an emotional chord in my heart, and so has become my piano of choice on pretty much all that I compose. Thank you again, Dore, for taking the time out of your life to give to others this wonderful gift. Cheers.

    Skip Erickson12 March 2022
  • Ahhh Heck Yeah!

    Now this was a great surprise to open up. My little slice of PianoBook heaven right here now. Excellent GUI, lots of tweaking tools, sampling sounds great, I do NOT understand the earlier reviews complaint about tone.. the things got built in filters... the samples are such that you can take away what you don't like... if it were recorded in the mud, you'd have a hard time adding the twinkles after the fact.. This is Awesome Sauce! Built in effects.. come on fellas. I'll be making something this week with this new toy. Bet.

  • I'm in love, another astounding PianoBook piano.

    I think this is it. I think this might actually be the one. Not for everything obviously, so many brilliant "specialist" pianos on PianoBook, felted, binaural etc etc. But for an everyman piano it's definitely in my top 2. Special thanks to Bob Ellis for the 5.8 version - my only criticism of the original was the transition for the forte samples which felt slightly not quite right - maybe it was just for my keyboard - but it's perfect now, along with the other fixes. I just can't believe how dynamic and yet even everything is. Delicate pianos, rich fortes. Yep, I think this is it, my first ever "perfect" instrument.

    Mark Lord06 December 2021
  • nice

    I have used this piano (old version) in an acoustic song track. (I wonder if the new version can be better, just donwloaded it). It´s just: why should I look any further? It´s beautiful and perfect! Maybe there are pianos that are more clear or whatever - but this one fits my needs perfectly. I wouldn´t find a better one and you fall in love with the sound easily. Big thank´s to the author! If the piano should ever go to the trash, man that´s sad. I am happy to have this sound in my library :) thank you....

    pianobug21 February 2022
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