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“Like many of you, over the past year I started uploading instruments on Pianobook. I was relatively new to it but being that my studio and gear are not exactly “Cribs” worthy, I’ve always had to rely on making my own sounds and creatively thinking outside the box. I used to look at it as a disadvantage but I’m trying to see it more as a blessing. What I thought I was lacking was actually an invitation to try and find a more personal and unique voice in my work. (Im still working on that!)

I’ve contributed close to 20 instruments this year and I decided to combine all of them, (and a few new ones) in to different multis. The unlikely blends of the various sounds have been fun for me to explore.They have created some pretty interesting results so I thought I would share them with the community. I’ve been super inspired (and equally humbled) by your sonic offerings! The level of artistry and talent is pretty astounding. I’m happy to connect with any of you in the real world as well as the virtual one, so please reach out if so inclined!

P.S. Some of my favorite multis are…

Ocean Guitar (Ocean Harp and Ambient Gtr)
Wilderness Symphony
Cinematic Post Rock Pad
Copeland In Space”

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  • Simply Amazing

    Wow, this is so good. Such a great collection of different ambient textures, many that keep evolving and stay interesting. There are so many patches to choose from and the way they are named is very helpful too. Being so into post rock the cinematic post rock pad really stood out to me. jumping back into this instrument do to this review reminded me how awesome this library is and it will definitely be one of the first i open when looking for this kind of sound. I rated the GUI 5 stars even though nothing is tweak able because this instrument is so good i didn't want a low GUI rating to effect its overall score

    septemberwalk25 October 2021
  • Lanois Lately

    An awsome collection. A definite nod to Daniel Lanois there's even a pad called as such. Can be used in so many different ways. Either as initial starter for inspiration. Or to add to already worked stuff.

    Bemused13 October 2021
  • Very interesting, original collection of sounds

    The sounds of piano, kalimba, and guitar each have their own unique tones, and when mixed, they create a wonderful atmosphere.

    Asuka Amane16 October 2021
  • Sampling Artistry

    This library is filled with inspiring and highly useful atmospheric and textural sounds that I have been using as inspirational seeds for new music ideas.

    These are among the best of their kind, even compared to top products from top sampling companies because they are original. All of Joshua's samples and muti-samples are unique to him and have a sound that is Joshua's. He an original artist. It's as simple as that.

    I think Spitfire Audio should definitely collaborate with Joshua Meltzer to come up with an Originals product including and inspired by some of his best samples and multi-samples. Ambient Organic pads, drones, deep bass swells with an atmospheric Eno/Lanois-esque treatments "effects" section built right into the UI. This seems to be Joshua's wheelhouse.

    Joshua's artistic sampling work deserves to be presented in an elegant and inspiring UI.

    Thank you Joshua Meltzer!

    Bob Guido06 January 2022
  • A commercial quality collection, but for free.

    Make no mistake, if Joshua were a "big name" media composer you would find this collection on Spitfire and you'd be expected to pay for it. If you already love what JM does - and I most certainly do - then this is more of the same goodness but with some different and intriguing combinations. What's not to like? 38 "greatest hits" - just download it.

    Mark Lord03 December 2021
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