Max McGuire’s Reviews

  • Dark, Evolving, Scrumptious Textures

    Truly excellent sound. Inspirational and ready to go straight into your next track! You hear something new every time you play it. Thank you for this contribution!

    Harmonic Flights14 October 2021
  • Super Sax Sound!

    Superb, full-bodied sound to this sax. Considering this isn't a legato patch it's incredibly playable and flexible. It can feel ever so slightly clunky between velocity layers but a quick MIDI edit and it's easily smoothened out. I used this in a pitch for a film which I ended up getting so can't thank you enough for this! Sounds amazing with a long reverb! Definitely would encourage the true legato experiment. Great stuff!

    Tenor Saxophone13 October 2021
  • Great tone with some versatile patches

    Lovely rich tone to The Jazzman, the most characterful patch being '2 Peaks' which I just used in a pitch for a film. It has an almost creepy vibe to it which was exactly what I was looking for. The 'Warp' patch is also unique sounding and will come in handy for sure. Would love to have some extra velocity layers to increase improve the playability but can't fault the overall sound. If you're looking for an electric piano kind of vibe but something a little different then this is worth a shot! Great job and thank you!

    13 October 2021