R.Treves’s Reviews

  • A Beast... That is all...

    This was one of the first things I downloaded on PB, I'm not sure why its taken me so long to review it, as it quickly became one fo my favourite instruments here. This instrument is really easy to implement into a track and can add a lot of texture and colour to your music. Amongst the other great patches included, the gnarly bass notes from 'Thunderstep' have been one of my go to sounds, and the percussive elements in the 'Volt Hammer' patch give you all of those Trent Reznor-esque industrial sounds. This is simply one of PB's best

  • This deserves to be at the top of Pianobook!

    Firstly there is a tonne of content in this library. Plenty of patches of varying sounds and textures inspired by music concrète. This can act as a great sound design tool but also provide a range of musical patches too, all of which are easily tweakable within the Logic sampler. From percussion to pads and more! Amazing work.

    Columbia 1 – Toolkit18 October 2021
  • The best of the thrumming texture libraries

    Dan's created a brilliant library with multiple controls and fantastic playability. Its a brilliantly original library which adds a delicate organic texture to your music.

  • A horn of plenty!

    A great story behind this fantastic instrument. Brilliantly sampled by Arseniy, and there is even a legato patch in this library! The sustain patch is the standout however, and you can create some wonderfully warm and distinctive chord swells with it that sound very realistic. The inclusion of FX and Percussion patches as well makes this library so well rounded and frankly one of the best on PB! There's something for everyone here!

    1956 Tenor Horn29 November 2021
  • Simply Stunning!

    The best Pianobook libraries are often the simplest. This library is testament to that. It's extremely expressive and beautifully recorded. The two included patches work exactly how you'd want them to. The vibrato controllable by MW on the standard patch is HEAVENLY. There is a beautiful Wind like quality to the choir and it sounds gorgeous! Amazing work!

    The Discord Choir18 October 2021