1956 Tenor Horn

A Tenor Horn made in 1956 in Leningrad...

The story

This horn was made in 1956 in Leningrad(now Saint-Petersburg), Soviet Union.
Was probably used by military brass bands for playing loud marches and what not. And after that it was mostly collecting dust in a music college as far as I was informed.
I got to by it off hands for some 55$. After giving it a proper shower and oiling, I was surprised to find that despite its old looks and dents here and there, it was quite a playable instrument. Up in its high register it actually sounds kind of French Horny-ish, which is very cool! Also the low pedal Bb is a killer, you’ll love it)
The intonation is far from perfect and I’m not perfect a player as well. So I tried to preserve this array with samples too. But they are quite usable and musical still I think.
Recorded everything with a Scarlett CM25mk2 and my phone as a stereo pair: )
The UI is very minimalistic, there’s only a ‘reverb send’ slider in the form of a tuning slide(don’t miss it).

With the sustain patch you can use the modwheel for adding presence and saturation. With the legato patch it also adds vibrato.
!!!For the FX patch you need to trigger a red keyswitch first, Bb for the original sounds, and others are the same but pitched up or down for the convenience of use.
Ps. I’ve used great many of PianoBook contributions by others, so I thought now it’s my turn to create something interesting and share with you, my friends, hope you’ll enjoy!
And all of that made possible by Dave Hilowitz, big thanks to you, sir and of course Mr. Henson!


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  • An outstanding library!

    A great story behind this fantastic instrument. Brilliantly sampled by Arseniy, there is even a legato patch in this library. The sustain patch is the standout however, and you can create some wonderfully warm and distinctive chord swells with it, that sound very realistic. The inclusion of FX and Percussion patches as well makes this library so well rounded and one of the best on PB! Theres something for everyone here!

    R.Treves21 October 2021
  • A very playable and fun horn with Legato!

    this is a really neat and unique sample The GUI has a reverb control cleverly disguised as a tuning slide, and the instrument is well recorded and even across the range. I love the inclusion of some percussive sounds made by drumming on the instrument and playing the keys. What a neat inclusion! Clearly, a lot of time and effort went into making this instrument, and it really shows in the great results!

    Sam Ecoff17 October 2021
  • A great solo instrument!

    I admit that I had low expectations at first, but after taking a look at the patches offered, I was like, ok, something good must be going on. You will find three patches, Sustain, Staccato and Legato ladies and gentlemen! The sound of the horn itself is kind of dark and dry, which is great in my opinion, though there is some very light noise on the higher dynamic samples - which, by the way, are controlled by the modwheel for the longs and by velocity for the staccato patch. I have to say though that I keep getting a weird error of a missing file that I can't find at all and is kind of annoying. I think it is the FX patch mentioned in the description, because I can't find any FX no matter what I do. In general though, I was impressed, especially by a legato patch in a free instrument that works just right.

    Alex Raptakis16 October 2021
  • Great Sound

    This has an undeniably great sound to it. Just listen to it, kinda shaky in pitch, full of breath, really couldn't find something like this anywhere. Only downside I'd say is that I find the staccatos a little unsatisfying, limiting the playability a bit, but the longs are soo rich, and he even added cool metallic percussion in there as well.

    ryan weeks14 October 2021
  • Character

    You've really captured the essence of this horn. A bit more buttery than a trombone, but not as chewy as a euphonium. What a treat it was to find something like this.

    JTW_Music13 October 2021
  • Nights At The Circus - a brilliant instrument

    I love this! Like some dark eccentric instrument from the middle of a dark forest. So much character! Not clean and hygienic in any way.Just Fantastic!

    Patrick23 October 2021