The story

This horn was made in 1956 in Leningrad(now Saint-Petersburg), Soviet Union.
Was probably used by military brass bands for playing loud marches and what not. And after that it was mostly collecting dust in a music college as far as I was informed.
I got to by it off hands for some 55$. After giving it a proper shower and oiling, I was surprised to find that despite its old looks and dents here and there, it was quite a playable instrument. Up in its high register it actually sounds kind of French Horny-ish, which is very cool! Also the low pedal Bb is a killer, you’ll love it)
The intonation is far from perfect and I’m not perfect a player as well. So I tried to preserve this array with samples too. But they are quite usable and musical still I think.
Recorded everything with a Scarlett CM25mk2 and my phone as a stereo pair: )
The UI is very minimalistic, there’s only a ‘reverb send’ slider in the form of a tuning slide(don’t miss it).

With the sustain patch you can use the modwheel for adding presence and saturation. With the legato patch it also adds vibrato.
!!!For the FX patch you need to trigger a red keyswitch first, Bb for the original sounds, and others are the same but pitched up or down for the convenience of use.
Ps. I’ve used great many of PianoBook contributions by others, so I thought now it’s my turn to create something interesting and share with you, my friends, hope you’ll enjoy!
And all of that made possible by Dave Hilowitz, big thanks to you, sir and of course Mr. Henson!

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  • A horn of plenty!

    A great story behind this fantastic instrument. Brilliantly sampled by Arseniy, and there is even a legato patch in this library! The sustain patch is the standout however, and you can create some wonderfully warm and distinctive chord swells with it that sound very realistic. The inclusion of FX and Percussion patches as well makes this library so well rounded and frankly one of the best on PB! There's something for everyone here!

    R.Treves29 November 2021

    This is such a beautiful horn sound. Its the kind of horn sound i love the most which some people describe as "chocolatey" or lyrical. Its very soft, mellow and beautiful like a french horn. This instrument has a very natural breathiness and vibrato to it which is awesome. The legato is so awesome. It gets a tiny bit pitchy at the beginning of notes sometimes but this adds to the realism. i do find myself wishing it went slightly higher in range sometimes because its so beautiful and when playing melodies sometimes i want more. But no complaints, for a free instrument this is outstanding.

    septemberwalk30 October 2021
  • remarkable

    For a first attempt this is a remarkable instrument. Lots of character. It would be nice to assign the modwheel function to another CC without going through all sorts of roundabouts (I use a wind controller, so Breath would be an obvious choice)

    Desprez05 June 2022
  • 1956 Tenor Horn - Review

    Hi Buddy,

    Thanks for sharing this great sampler instrument from Leningrad I love it. It led me to write a "Television News Theme Music Package" and I hope to get a TV sync out of it, or leading to artist progression in the future working with some superiors.

    I was going to tip you a small amount now. If you create a Kofi account and add it to your Pianobook profile, I'll be able to pay you! If you're not sure how to do this, watch Christian's video on YouTube. He'll take you through the steps in order to set up your tipping account.

    Ameno for now!

    Best wishes,


    Ethan EdwardsSamplist 05 April 2022
  • Character!

    This has so much character above all else. I especially love the perc&keys NKI. The samples are a little dirty in the best possible way. This is case of beauty in imperfections.

    Owen BoligSamplist 25 October 2021
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