Eamon’s Reviews

  • It's an organ, it's a bass, it's a rubber band on a box

    A bunch of different preset sounds, I would never have guessed a rubber band could be so versatile but this is basically a unique prepackaged synth. And it all actually sounds really good. Could easily fill in the role of a synth bass, with other patches sounding more like banjo, piano, organ, etc. The versatility makes me want to write something entirely for rubber band box. The GUI is good too with plenty of effects options readily accessible. I definitely do not regret the curiosity-driven download of the rubberband box.

    The Rubberband Box23 October 2021
  • One of my favourite sample instruments

    This instrument has a really lovely, clear sound, especially in the higher register. Despite being a 'solo instrument' I find it sits pretty easily into a mix with orchestrals or other instruments. The placement of the 'chord' keys immediately above the top of the melodic register is a little jarring - very easy to suddenly drop several octaves and hit a chord if you're ad-libbing a melody. I'd prefer to have these either below the lowest range or a few keys higher so it didn't merge into the melody. But otherwise the instrument is very nice and easy to use.

  • Great Tenor sound

    Echoing the sentiments of other reviewers, the sax is very playable even without legato and sounds great. The key percussion sounds are a nice little addition too. Could be the best free tenor sound around; is definitely my go-to now.

    Tenor Saxophone23 October 2021
  • Really nice tone - what is the instrument's name?

    I will never say no to another traditional / folk instrument. The playability is limited with only one velocity layer and no RRs for each patch, but the tone is very rich and it's probably possible to jigsaw some nice, short melodic lines by combining the different patches. Clear effort has been put in to getting a great player, recording different sounds and building a nice, usable UI. I would love to know what the instrument is actually called if it's possible to find out and edit into the description, or post on the forums! Or names if there are several different flutes being used, though from the sound of the samples it seemed to be one instrument.

    Ethnic flutes22 October 2021
  • A decent quality library with phenomenal pad addition

    Overall good quality samples but it sounds a little too synthetic / overprocessed to me compared to what I want in an acoustic bouzouki sound - particularly in the lower velocities (but I'm a bouzouki player, so take my critiques of the sound with a grain of salt as my standards are probably unreasonably high).
    The transition in volume between velocity layers is sometimes quite steep which can make it difficult to play consistently. There also appear to be some empty round robins at the lowest velocities resulting in notes only playing half the time they are pressed.
    Would've liked a bit more sampled in the upper range which is where the greek bouzouki really shines for melody playing.

    However the pad patch makes the instrument for me. I never would've guessed any of these sounds came from a bouzouki but they all sound great and extremely useable, as well as versatile with the ability to freely combine the different sounds. I probably won't find much use for the acoustic patches but I will definitely be using the pad and think it ranks easily among the best pads I've used from pianobook. Would highly recommend the library purely on the pad, with the acoustic patches as a nice bonus.

    Ideal Bouzouki02 December 2021