Eamon’s Reviews

  • It's an organ, it's a bass, it's a rubber band on a box

    A bunch of different preset sounds, I would never have guessed a rubber band could be so versatile but this is basically a unique prepackaged synth. And it all actually sounds really good. Could easily fill in the role of a synth bass, with other patches sounding more like banjo, piano, organ, etc. The versatility makes me want to write something entirely for rubber band box. The GUI is good too with plenty of effects options readily accessible. I definitely do not regret the curiosity-driven download of the rubberband box.

    The Rubberband Box23 October 2021
  • Unique and unsettling pad

    I'm definitely not a pad aficionado but for me this library has a really unique sound. It generates some great, thick-sounding bassy drones with eerie, unsettling upper harmonics drifting around on top. The sound quality is superb. I imagine it could be great for some suspense or sci-fi atmospheres.

    Cymbal Atmos15 December 2021
  • One of my favourite sample instruments

    This instrument has a really lovely, clear sound, especially in the higher register. Despite being a 'solo instrument' I find it sits pretty easily into a mix with orchestrals or other instruments. The placement of the 'chord' keys immediately above the top of the melodic register is a little jarring - very easy to suddenly drop several octaves and hit a chord if you're ad-libbing a melody. I'd prefer to have these either below the lowest range or a few keys higher so it didn't merge into the melody. But otherwise the instrument is very nice and easy to use.

  • Corporate inductions at the touch of a button

    Make 1000 bucks a minute finishing all your corporate induction scoring commissions in seconds with this baby!
    Jokes aside, AcoustiChords does exactly what it advertises exceptionally well. As Mark mentions there are a wealth of free guitar libraries around now, and if you need something versatile with complete control over rhythm, voicings etc. I'd highly recommend the Ample Guitar M II Lite. However, if you just need some quick, easy, and gorgeous-sounding strummed chords, this is the instrument for you.
    The layout is very simple and forgoes the complexities of keyswitches, and thanks to this I found myself stumbling upon some interesting, Opeth-esque chord progressions by just adlibbing around within a single octave.

    The shimmer pad is also cool and I got some really interesting and rich sounds by just turning the guitars off and playing around with the Brightness toggle.

    Downsides - It's only major and minor chords downstrummed in one voicing, so you probably won't be comping any jazz arrangements. The ability to add individual notes with the same acoustic quality to extend chords would be an amazing addition, but probably isn't within the scope of what this instrument is intended for. There are a couple of samples with subtle, annoying clicks, probably from a stray pick, but easily avoidable with the RRs.

    Will definitely be my go-to when I just need a simple guitar strum, and I'm looking forward to playing around some more with the pad.

    AcoustiChords13 December 2021
  • Nice Taiko sounds with some extra percussion

    Good quality samples, easy to use, small file size. Can't see any reason not to download and recommend this, even if you already have taiko or other percussion suite libraries this will give you more diversity in the sounds you have available, and I suspect at equal or better quality to anything on the market.

    Pangea Percussion21 December 2021