Tobias James’s Reviews

  • A wonderfully characterful, mysterious sounding synth!

    Even from just a quick play with each of the presets you can tell how versatile this instrument is! There are so many things to tweak! This does admittedly make the GUI a little overwhelming initially, but it's all fairly well labelled and documented, and really you just need to dive in and start experimenting. I look forward to doing some more of that, and discovering more sounds for myself, because it's very enjoyable to play, with a really inspiring, cinematic grandeur to it.
    The 'bag-pipeness' (bagpipeosity?) isn't immediately evident in many of the presets, again showing it's versatility, but it gives a real character and backbone to the instrument.
    Brilliant, and I should think inspiring both to the musicians and composers, as well as the instrument makers among us.

    29 Bagpipes II06 May 2022
  • A lovely breathy little instrument

    I really love the 'breathy' quality to this super simple, super cool instrument! To me there's an almost vintage or retro feel, like a barrel organ or something. Not surprising I suppose, it being sampled from such a simple physical instrument. It captures a really specific sound.

    The idea of making a very simple, accessible instrument to help people get started is awesome! And it really showcases the way that something with limited playability can be extended through sampling and turned into a fully fledged, very playable instrument.

    I would love to see a more fleshed out version though, including a GUI with tone control (just to tame that breathynes, if needed) and maybe a bit of splosh and chorus to play around with.

    Sure it's a little cheesy, but in the best way!

    The Omni Master-Key01 April 2022
  • A really unusual Piano sound!

    Review is for the Decent Sampler version. (After 08/03/22 update, but DS version may not have been updated. Having said that, I didn't notice any noise, but my earphones aren't very good!)

    This has an intriguing, almost guitar-like sound to my ear, as if the muting emphasises the percussive qualities of the piano. It's quite beguiling!

    It seems to have been sampled fairly thoroughly, with velocity layers for piano, mezzo-forte, mezzo-forte pedal (sort of mezzo-piano maybe? I'm not sure! It might be set up differently in the other sampler formats?) and forte. And of course there are releases triggers.

    In Decent Sampler there isn't much GUI to speak of, just a reverb knob front and centre. I'd have liked to see a few more options, as appear to be available in the Kontact/Ableton versions, but I understand that implementing some things is as yet difficult if not impossible in DS.

    All in all a very cool instrument, that does one thing really well!

    Palm Muted Upright08 April 2022