The story

A while ago I became interested in building analogue synthesisers, and I put together a bank of four oscillators, each based on the ‘Super Simple Oscillator’ from Look Mum No Computer, a truly excellent fellow.

Unfortunately, while it sounds great, it isn’t really all that playable, other than as a drone. Because it is so simple, there’s no proper tracking, even though it does have rudimentary control voltage input, and changing the pitch of one oscillator effects that of the others! (Presumably because they share the same power supply?) This renders it interesting, fun, educational, and yet not really of great musical use. So the poor thing lay forlorn and dormant for a time while I moved on to other projects.

But it’s been given new life as a sampled instrument! My interest in sampling was rekindled with the discovery of Christian Henson Music on YouTube, and in turn David Hilowitz and his Decent Sampler. Again truly excellent people, to whom I’m very grateful!

Now, this isn’t a completely faithful recreation of the hardware oscillator bank (thank goodness?) Firstly I didn’t want to overly complicate things in my first Decent Sampler instrument, and quite frankly I didn’t record the ‘secondary’ oscillators very well. I also decided that it would be best to keep the number of samples down, by reusing the same samples for the second ‘unison’ oscillator, with the ability to detune it to thicken the sound or create a harmonic interval.

Included currently are two versions, one uses the full complement of 16 samples, while the other is a ‘lo-fi’ version which spreads a single sample across the keyboard.

Maybe I should do a four oscillator bank at some point though, in keeping with the spirit of the original hardware? I’m also experimenting with some ‘reamped’ versions.

But for now I give you the Buzzy Bee Analogue Oscillator! I hope you enjoy it and find it in some way useful. Thanks for giving it a go!


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  • Lots of analogue juice (or dare I say honey...)

    From the first note to the tweaked out patch 20 minutes later, it's just pure analogue inspiration. Each of the knobs bring something new to the sound and it's a joy to play around with them as you tap away at the keys.
    Not much else to say other than, this will surely be used in my projects.

    Also the inclusion of the lofi version is a nice touch. Rolled off some of the highs, added some detune and played low notes... juicy.

    rrahim23 May 2022
  • Simple but very well done!

    This is a very basic synthesized instrument that is incredibly well made, and offers fundamental synth sounds that everyone can use. It comes with 2 different versions, a regular and a lo-fi one, which both work very well and sound great. Tobias seems to overcame DecentSamplers limitations regarding the GUI, designing something very smart and effective, along with providing many options for the user to mess with the sound, beyond the presets. Very nice work!

    Alex Raptakis30 January 2022
  • Enjoyable

    This feels like the true spirit of Pianobook, playing around with analogue devices and then turning those into instruments for the rest of us to play around with. It makes me pine for my own analogue kit to be honest, particularly with the recent passing of Vangelis!

    The lo-fi version in the lower registers creates a great rumble when it's wound up.

    QorbeQSamplist 24 May 2022