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Conner’s Reviews

  • Unbelievably high quality

    First I'm gonna go ahead and say the UI is kinda corny... BUT - This is SUCH a good library outside of that, really playable, really well recorded, great variety of quality instruments that are compositionally versatile and useful. Just about nothing else I can say other than in particular I'm really happy with the Tubular Bells shared, a good non-cheesy or crusty or aliased sounding sampleset of these is near-impossible to find and this is probably the best out there as of yet in that regard.

  • To date this is still my favorite pianobook library

    This is like the perfect blend of full of character, very good recording, and incredibly dynamic / playable. This piano might be the best free grand piano you can find, insanely good velocity blend and moody but charismatic. File size is a bit large but I think its very well worth it, my only beef with it is that I believe maybe some of the upper notes have a tiny bit of aliasing, or something in the way Kontakt loads the instrument causes it to have a bit of inharmonity in the very top reaches of the hearing range. Kedwards strikes again on this one, bravo!

    13 October 2021
  • Adorable and very unique take on Vibraphone

    This vibraphone sounds so good, it's not conventionally clean but it does sound well recorded and is very playable. I call it "adorable" because this feels like a very casual and kind representation of vibes that I often associate with independent records and fun music. The timing feels a little off for some of the notes and I think that actually gives this instrument an edge to force you write in a certain mindset with it, something cut and dry tools often fail to achieve.

  • Insanely Fun

    This is now probably my favorite harpsichord library
    all of the different ranges / combinations feel really good and the recordings for the samples are very pleasant and thorough.

    Harpsimachord13 October 2022
  • Massive size, massive prize

    Meticulous and fun -- I don't usually associate these things in my mind but that's exactly what happened here. My go to picks are usually always the dry sounds, here the MASTER and Hammers patches are fantastic. All the combination of effects are really awesome too, though I must say I almost have option paralysis trying to decide which to use, it's easier for me to pick my favorite dry patches and just go ham in the DAW. They sound great though and this library has no business being this good, thanks again Sam.

    Leftist Zither Marxophone04 November 2021