The story

This is the orchestral percussion portion of a multi-part percussion library I put together during my final year of university. For a few years now, this library has been a secret sauce/garnish that I would blend into my other paid and professional libraries and figured it was about time to share!

Despite this being my first go at sampling, I had access to all of the conservatory’s instruments, multiple studios, and professional gear so I was pretty intent on quality and detailed sampling. Most articulations were captured with left and right hand variants and at least 6 velocity layers/4 round robins unless the articulation or drum was specialized in some way.

The rig:
Preamps- Focusrite ISA428, UA 4-710d
Close Mics- Neumann KM 184’s
Far Mics- AKG C414’s
Balcony Mics- Neumann U87s

The collection:
Snares (Concert and Field)
Toms (Six Sizes)
Bass Drum
Concert Chimes

Reviews for Hunter’s Percussion – Orchestral

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  • Excellent Quality

    If this where a commercial sample pack I would not be disappointed with the quality. I could not detect any noticeable noise, the recordings are crisp and clear. If this was a first attempt well.. bravo.

    I did find the numbers on the dials difficult to read, but that really is nit picking on my part.

    Thank you Hunter.

    lfo2vcoSamplist 12 November 2021
  • Fantastic sound from great instruments

    Hands down one of the best free orchestral percussion instruments I've found! The recording sound quality is excellent, a lot of nice low end on the bass drums. A really nice feature in the snares is the keys for rolls, hits, and short rolls. I find that with a bit of practice, I can get some super realistic sounding technical rolls. Each preset is great, it would be cool to have them all as one instrument, but switching isn't bad. I've been using combinations of the bass, snares, and toms which all sound great, but I am looking forward to using the chimes more. The GUI gives 3 mic positions for mixing and has a cool theme. A huge amount of use will come from this instrument!

    Ada MaskilSamplist 27 December 2021
  • Awesome Work!

    The quality of this library is 10/10 the GUI is basic but gets straight to the point. Well done man thanks for sharing this, that's very kind of you!

    illomatics30 November 2021
  • Unbelievably high quality

    First I'm gonna go ahead and say the UI is kinda corny... BUT - This is SUCH a good library outside of that, really playable, really well recorded, great variety of quality instruments that are compositionally versatile and useful. Just about nothing else I can say other than in particular I'm really happy with the Tubular Bells shared, a good non-cheesy or crusty or aliased sounding sampleset of these is near-impossible to find and this is probably the best out there as of yet in that regard.

    ConnerSamplist 04 November 2021

    Amazing library! I conduct one orchestra and the feeling of these percussions are great! Just think that you could sample low toms, you just have mid-high. And please, sample timpani!!!! Great work!!!

    Jorge Oliveira08 November 2021
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