obolig’s Reviews

  • James is the best

    All of James' piano recordings are just beautiful and this is no exception. It has so much character. It's simple with no processing. Add your own reverb if needed.

  • Inspiring

    Really cool sounds! I love the style of this UI. It's cool that the character knobs do something different for each of the four sounds. Some change modulation speed, while others change the pitch. The incorporation of the mod wheel to band pass is a nice touch.

    Transistosaurus23 October 2021
  • Pleasant Arpeggiation

    Really love the soothing sound of the wine glasses. I turned down the release and ran it through an arpeggiator for a galactic pattern!

    Interstellar Wine23 October 2021
  • Character!

    This has so much character above all else. I especially love the perc&keys NKI. The samples are a little dirty in the best possible way. This is case of beauty in imperfections.

    1956 Tenor Horn25 October 2021
  • Peaceful

    The simple patches feel like a serene performance in a Greek garden while the processed NKIs add an positively weird undertone. Great job!