Owen Bolig’s Reviews

  • Blown Away

    I'm always blown away with how much Sam packages in a single library. He gives you basses, keys, and every drum sound in existence! This is definitely one of those libraries where the sounds speak for themselves, so the simple interface is ideal. Just choose your favorite sound and start creating. The fourth exclusive pack is AWESOME and allows users to easily play rhythms with the amazing collection of drum kits. Leave a review to get this instrument. Thank you!

    Sam’s Drawers 203 February 2023
  • Fantastic!

    I'm very proud to call Sam my friend. We had attempted to make instruments together multiple times before this, but Orffestra was the first one we published. Sam provides so many different sounds in this pack. Arpeggiators are rare on Pianobook, and Sam did a wonderful job pairing this feature with his meticulously captured samples. What a great instrument!

  • PRESETS!!!

    Hunter's Hammond is a perfect balance between diverse presets and specialized sounds. Hunter has provided many beautiful presets for Tonewheel Memories that take me back to warmer and more analog times. Creating your own presets is made easy with randomize and save features. I love having the ability to add noise to the character of the instrument. It's crazy that Hunter provides TWO, completely unique, instruments with this single download. With Spins, you can achieve beautifully rich tones with the push of a single key. Add movement with the two vibratos or Leslie. Once again, Hunter has proven himself to be an absolute legend!

  • A great instrument for a good cause

    Frédéric is a good man for creating this lovely instrument. I am honored to have gotten the chance to work on this project. This library allows users the ability to utilize samples recorded by the many superstars of this immensely talented community. Check out the music demos to hear the beautiful tranquility of Spring Chimes. Please donate to the Pianobook-Ukraine fundraiser.

    Spring Chimes29 March 2022
  • Sounds Like Christmas

    Love this team and the gift they created. The sounds make me feel like I'm traveling through a mystical winter wonderland. The User interface is absolutely wonderful oozing of character. My favorite is Kangs Christmas patch. TURN UP THAT CRUNCHYNESS! I very much appreciate all the teamwork that went into the production of this instrument. Thank you Heikki, ORA, Ben, ADNsound, and of course Olafur Arnalds.

    ÓPIA 2: Synths of Winter01 February 2023