obolig’s Reviews

  • A great instrument for a good cause

    Frédéric is a good man for creating this lovely instrument. I am honored to have gotten the chance to work on this project. This library allows users the ability to utilize samples recorded by the many superstars of this immensely talented community. Check out the music demos to hear the beautiful tranquility of Spring Chimes. Please donate to the Pianobook-Ukraine fundraiser.

    Spring Chimes29 March 2022
  • PRESETS!!!

    Hunter's Hammond is a perfect balance between diverse presets and specialized sounds. Hunter has provided many beautiful presets for Tonewheel Memories that take me back to warmer and more analog times. Creating your own presets is made easy with randomize and save features. I love having the ability to add noise to the character of the instrument. It's crazy that Hunter provides TWO, completely unique, instruments with this single download. With Spins, you can achieve beautifully rich tones with the push of a single key. Add movement with the two vibratos or Leslie. Once again, Hunter has proven himself to be an absolute legend!

  • Your best work

    Sage. This is so inspiring. The emotion of the instrument is easily controlled by the CC1 mod wheel. I am not a great performer, and when I randomly trigger chords, this instrument sends shivers down my spine. The global swarm event has brought out your best work. Everyone needs this instrument. It easily adds controlled emotion to your mix.

    Tri-Timbral Flocks04 May 2022
  • James is the best

    All of James' piano recordings are just beautiful and this is no exception. It has so much character. It's simple with no processing. Add your own reverb if needed.

  • Trend Setter

    Sage has already shown this community that he can make wonderful instruments time and time again. This submission is his way of helping Pianobook members do the same. Kontakt is scary and confusing at first, and Sage is helping newcomers climb the initial learning curve to becoming a skilled samplists. This instrument is the beginning of a new type of submission to Pianobook that draws back the curtain to better the community. Thank you Sage. I look forward to seeing what people create using your framework.

    Framework14 March 2022