Steve1987’s Reviews

  • Works so well

    I've used these drums on two different tracks now and they sit so well in the mix. The GUI is simple to use and everything else is, well perfect for my needs. I've come across a number of samples where people have gone OTT and not focused on getting the sound to work well whilst not being a hindrance to the workflow. Many thanks.

    MS20 Drums29 July 2022
  • Stop the Police

    I love this purely because I can get that Andy Summers sound and bask in 1980's Police state lol. Wonderful sound. I'm no guitar player but have always loved to hear this sound from friends when playing live. Now I have that sound on tap thanks to Keith. Easy to use and tweak in the GUI, Nice to play. Great addition!

    Ibanez Dreams14 October 2021
  • A bit pf nostalgia

    My first professional synth was a DX7 which I still have. The FM synthesis of the Mellow FM gives me a nostalgic feeling. Pad sounds are beautifully warm. Easy to use GUI allows me to get to just sound I was thinking of.

    Mellow FM14 October 2021
  • Best vocal I've come across to date

    Beautifully captured voices. Have used this a number of times in the past months. Soulful, gentle...yeah it's lush

    Micah’s Choir14 October 2021
  • Not bad pads

    There are some good pads in this. Sounds good. GUI could be better labelled. I can see me using the odd one here and there. Thanks for uploading.

    Sirin Pads14 October 2021