Stephen O'Connell’s Reviews

  • A fantastic first sample pack

    Great work, creating your first sample library is always a win! I love the interface, it draws you in to the instrument, with the simple controls creating an easy to use interface and the names like "A Little Bit of Magic" instead of reverb adding to the character. Each of the layers sound intriguing and I definitely can see myself using the "Really Weird" one with some delay for an interesting sound.

    There are some issues to look at for next time. Some of the loops in your drones group seem to click when you release the key, possibly due to a fast release ADSR or because the loop points might not be in the best spot. Also, it would be great to have the interface open with one of the sliders up, just so a sound can be played straight away without touching any controls.

    Great work and happy sampling!

    Not Just a Piano, Piano12 January 2023