The story

I had an idea, I wanted to share my love of analogue synthesis, but I wanted to embrace the advantages of sampling. I didn’t want to simply recreate the sounds I had made on my synth, I wanted to push them into new possibilities. Mix them, morph them, repurpose them in ways I could never physically achieve on the synth alone. A nexus between synthesis and sampling that would create a fun, performable instrument with cool features, effects and textures. A mixture, a blend, an amalgam of sounds and capabilities.

I loved this process and I’m sure I’ll be looking at more instruments in this range, but for now, please enjoy the alluring analogue warmth and sparkle that is Amalgam Analogue. PS: Thank you for supporting my instruments through the years and for featuring my instruments in June 2023. I hope you enjoy this instrument as thanks for a wonderful community!

Cheers, Steve.


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