The morphing textures of a cinematic string synth...

The story

I’ve always had a love for the classic string synth sounds, from the Solina and other analogue synths. They are beautiful and captivating, with real emotion and conviction behind their sound. They are synthetic, yes, but raw and organic too. We are forever captivated by the gorgeous sound of a string ensemble, but I feel that the humble string synth too can take on an enormous sound, filling the space with evolving textures and never-ending reverb. Through this library, I want to share this beautiful sound with you, imparting my passion for them and hopefully providing you with inspiration on your next track.

One of my favourite aspects of this library though has to be the XY Pad control system I spent many days toiling over. I had this idea to try my hand at an XY pad, to blend between the two synths I had sampled to create a more intuitive way of morphing the sound. I then thought wouldn’t it be cool if other effects could be controlled from this pad, and not just to be fixed to a particular axis, but for you to be able to decide what control goes where, what control is active and how you stack or combine your performance controls together. I really hope you have as much fun with it as I’ve had and use it to create some truely awe-inspiring, evolving textures and lush chords.

When searching for a name for this library, Ambedo seemed to fit. The melancholic trance in which you become completely absorbed in vivid sensory details, it is how I felt when I first heard the sounds of this library ring out. I hope it enchants you in the same way it has me.


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