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It’s funny how even the most throw-away of sounds can become something beautiful with just a little time and encouragement. I recently tried out Sample Robot, this awesome helper for samplists that can automate a lot of the “admin-y” tasks of the sampling process, with the hopes that this would save me a tonne of time on a big library I’m currently working on. As a bit of a test run, I sampled one of the simple patches I had created for it using Sample Robot, to see how it all worked.

Fully intending to simply abandon these 11 test samples in favour of a more detailed version later, I got a bit lost along the way. After playing around with a bunch of FX in Kontakt, I ended up creating a cool, little library that has this transfixing sound, like an icy breeze over a frozen lake. It reminded me of the score to Somersault by Decoder Ring, and I just fell in love with it, deciding it needed to be shared in its own right.

Unlike some of my other libraries, I kept this one stripped back and simple, focusing on the sound that is there rather than the ability to turn it into something else. You can, of course, choose to use this however you like, but I expect any time you need a spacious texture to fill out the space, this library may be just the ticket. I hope you enjoy it!


How I Created Snowfall with Sample Robot:


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