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The idea was to keep the flavors of those raw, organic instruments present, while sonically mangling them just enough to be a bit indistinguishable as well. In short…making the natural sound a little un-natural. Appalachian Mellotron : I used some slowed down tape recordings, time-streched , multiple tape loops all using a randomizing script.There are Lap Steel Guitars, Fiddles, and an Autoharp used. Fiddle for Airports: This is an obvious tip of the hat to Brian Eno. Its an ambient Fiddle pad which also using multiple loops that all start and end at different random points. Granular Dobro Swarm: Random plucks from a Dobro, that were granularly manipulated. Pedal Steel Refraction Pad: Pedal Steel played though various pedals, as well as MANY different treatments of guitar harmonics, piano loops and even a rubber band! I was lucky enough to have my pal Joshua Grange play Pedal Steel! Tapestry Strings: A fuller and larger sound, using similar treatments and techniques. I tried to simulate a sort of Folk Chamber Ensemble, with only one Fiddle! It was played by the amazing Luke Bulla.


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  • Unique sound imprint

    Joshua has definitely carved out a lane for himself with these instruments and its so generous that we get them for free when he works so hard on them. Not always but he usually bases his instruments off of folk and americana type instruments which isn't super common in sampling. Some of my favorite instruments on pianobook are his. With Americana Tapestries we get beautiful, shimmery pads, most with beautiful subtle vibrato and organic quality. Most of them are a bit thin ( not in a bad way ) they just dont necessarily take up as much room in the lows and midi as other pads. My favorite was the first patch which had a really beautiful vibrato and the dobro swarms which is honestly breathtaking. you keep hearing little flutters of plucked notes that sound extremely warm and realistic. It is programmed really well and never feels boring. Its such a pleasure to see a new instrument from joshua. We all know by now that were usually in for a big treat.

    septemberwalk20 December 2021
  • Absolutely beautiful

    Not always a pad fan here. But this collection has really pristine and unique sounds, which are absolutely fun to play.
    I layered all of them and this is really a heavenish sound. Each pad is also great on its own. Very well done and thanks a lot for that work.

    thomekk21 December 2021
  • beautiful !

    one of the best libraries i've downloaded here , the 5 patches have their own character and sit beautifully in a mix... sweet americana flavors sampled with love...Pedal Steel and Tapestry are my favourite

    JEAN F04 January 2022
  • Very usable stuff here

    I like what's happening here. I don't know precisely 'what' is happening, but I can certainly use this. On a helpful note: I found that the reverb is the Kontakt convolution reverb and can by bypassed after selecting the wrench in the player. Makes it more useable IMO in my projects. Fun stuff.

  • Totally Useable And Very Inspiring

    Five lovely evolving pads, all totally useable and very inspiring. All five cover a wide range of the keyboard. There are no settings in the GUI to fiddle with, but these are great out of the box.

    lfo2vcoSamplist 21 December 2021
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