Andrea Giordani’s Reviews

  • Mesmerizingly Good

    Absolutely fantastic and so inspiring! What I like about Dan's Glock is that it's full ranged instrument. The bass sounds really interesting with FX, it gives some kind of a slight modulation. The quality of sound is superb. I love the reverb, perfect for glock. Simply storytelling! Thank you, Dan.

    Frozen Glock26 October 2021
  • Poweful

    I've been playing with this instrument for a week now, and I've been so inspired! I made a little demo, too. It has so much possibilities. It sounds fantastic when it gets tuned up or down too.
    Love the reverb, the space is so imaginative!
    The controls are amazing and very responsive.
    The sound reminds me of a bunch of evil horns flowing through Space.
    Marvellous work, Stephen!

    Awe-Synth18 November 2021

    Wow! What a library! And what a story!
    The moment I've heard the first sound, I was instantly inspired. Unbelievably musical. The reverb is absolutely amazing and it seems like there are endless options with this instrument. Quite a storytelling machine :)
    It is so difficult to explain the experience. Check out the demo I've done and download the instrument and delve into the mystical world of sound.
    Well done, Martin and thank you for this beauty!

    19 August 2022
  • Rabbit Hole! Insanely Inspiring!

    It's hard to even find the words for this sample pack. It's crazy!
    There are endless possibilities with this instrument! It's super rich in textures.
    From powerful bass to surprising percussive movements, pads and inspiring combinations.
    Sampled by the most talented samplers of pianobook and perfectly curated to one magic box by Owen.
    Congratulations guys!

    pOrtals16 October 2022
  • A Full Toolkit, Very Dreamy

    I love this library! It's like a little toolbox. The piano is lovely and has a very interesting tail. I love all the options there are on each instrument. It really takes you places.
    My favourite patch is Flights - sounds like a dreamy organ.
    You can find everything you need in this toolset - from piano to some interesting synths and pads.
    Well done Rubenofficial.

    Storms toolkit24 February 2022