Rubenofficial’s Reviews

  • Just breathtaking at how good it is !!

    To start off I can't thank Fred Poirier enough for this wonderful creation, the thing that I find most inspiring about this library is the fact that there's a hole community behind this instrument.

    I'm also amazed by the fact how well-layered all these instruments are to create one jaw-dropping library, I'm in the process right now of finishing a single wherein I use this gem.

    Huge thanks to the community of Pianobook and especially to Fred for making this come true.


    Spring Chimes01 April 2022
  • An exemplary work - straight in my piano collection

    A few months ago I tried something similar by making some sort of swarm and it didn't really turn out that great but this is truly an awesome tool that I will certainly use in my future compositions.

    well done !!!

    FlowPiano30 March 2022
  • This reminds me of my fav game !

    A little back in time I used to like this game called "Lumino City".

    It also had this vibe and it was centered around focusing and figuring out puzzles..

    I find that this library does have a beautiful sound and is completely unique compared to all the other "Lofi" libraries out there..

    I find the GUI also very fitting with the genre you're going for, all around just very well done Hunter !!

    Cheers :)