The story

Plucked glass is my first sample instrument ever, it has 2 knobs that are assigned to attack and reverb giving it the flexibility to be a pad or a pluck or maybe both.

For the recording, I used some apple cable headphones which actually surprised me, alongside using the mighty Garageband app on my phone.

The first name I gave it was glassiano hence it kinda has a piano harpy feeling to it, but as time went along I started seeing it more as an all around instrument.

I hope you guys have a lot of fun with this library and I would love to hear the feedback it gets.


Reviews for Plucked Glass

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  • Simply Magical

    This is a fantastic little instrument that will dress your music with emotion, no doubt. I had a little hard time to set it up, but ultimately it was worth it. You will find two options, attack and reverb, which offer some great sound design opportunities - though I don't understand why the settings are set-up in reverse. The GUI could be a liiiitle better, but it's still good enough for what it has to offer.

    Alex Raptakis13 October 2021
  • Real solid for a first-time sampler

    This is a solid sound with solid uses. There are some slight tuning issues with the harmonics of the sample, especially in the lower register, but that only really becomes a problem once ample reverb comes into play. As mentioned before, the fact that the controls are mapped backwards is a bit weird, and kinda difficult to get around, but since it's only two buttons, it's not too big of an issue. All in all, a fun instrument that might very well see its use in the future

    Hidde PietersSamplist 15 October 2021
  • Some minor problems but good job

    This is a really nice sound for your first time. I like the glassy texture with the attack and reverb all the way up for layering. I think it would have sounded nice to pitch stretch this further or maybe include a separate nki. When played as short percussive hits with the attack all the way down and no reverb it still sounds cool but i noticed if you hop down the note it kind of has an un natural ending. Also while the GUI is nice the sliders seem to work in the opposite way you would think. Turning the wheel to the right and seeing the color of the line darken you would think you are increasing the reverb but its actually decreasing. Still a good job overall. also theres something going on with the star ratings. I gave you 3 stars for every category but the overall rating is still coming out as 2 stars for some reason

    septemberwalk28 October 2021
  • Great first attempt at sampling!

    This is a great first attempt at sampling. The sample is well recorded and well edited. It appears that the name of the single sample which makes up this library was changed after the instrument was saved, so Kontakt can't find it, but you can manually redirect Kontakt to the correct file. It's helpful that the reverb can be removed as this gives you more options for working with this sound. The reverb control indicator seems to work backwards, but maybe that's just my perception. I'm sure many great lessons were learned during the creation of this library, and it's great that there are people in the PB community who are learning more about the art of sampling!

    Sam EcoffSamplist 27 October 2021
  • A lot better than my first instrument...

    You can definitely tell that this is their first attempt at sampling, but it was surprisingly good. The plucks do have some interesting harmonics that made it difficult for me to blend them with other sounds. There were also some issues with the directory organization and location of the samples or sample, rather that needed to be worked out. I look forward to seeing where you are headed in your sampling journey!

    Christopher19 October 2021