Plucked Glass

Piano harpy instrument created from plucking glass...

The story

Plucked glass is my first sample instrument ever, it has 2 knobs that are assigned to attack and reverb giving it the flexibility to be a pad or a pluck or maybe both.

For the recording, I used some apple cable headphones which actually surprised me, alongside using the mighty Garageband app on my phone.

The first name I gave it was glassiano hence it kinda has a piano harpy feeling to it, but as time went along I started seeing it more as an all around instrument.

I hope you guys have a lot of fun with this library and I would love to hear the feedback it gets.



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  • Real solid for a first-time sampler

    This is a solid sound with solid uses. There are some slight tuning issues with the harmonics of the sample, especially in the lower register, but that only really becomes a problem once ample reverb comes into play. As mentioned before, the fact that the controls are mapped backwards is a bit weird, and kinda difficult to get around, but since it's only two buttons, it's not too big of an issue. All in all, a fun instrument that might very well see its use in the future

    Hidde Pieters15 October 2021
  • Simply Magical

    This is a fantastic little instrument that will dress your music with emotion, no doubt. I had a little hard time to set it up, but ultimately it was worth it. You will find two options, attack and reverb, which offer some great sound design opportunities - though I don't understand why the settings are set-up in reverse. The GUI could be a liiiitle better, but it's still good enough for what it has to offer.

    Alex Raptakis13 October 2021