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Marco Iannello’s Reviews

  • Globalisation at its best

    This is such an incredible instruments, so detailed despite being made up of gazillion of samples (so proud to say that I too have left my tiny footprint in there!).
    A true global effort from the community, it really shows what the power of people is when they decide to unite and make something brilliant together!

    Global Swarm17 June 2022
  • Truly surprising

    This bowl really is 3 different sounds rolled into one: a glass-like timbre in the high register, becoming a ceramic one in the middle register, and then transitioning into a metallic one in the low register.
    Also, the thickness of the sound varies in the aforementioned registers: starting from the high register, it is thin and ethereal, the middle register is earthy and round, the low register is explosive and thick.

    UPDATE: Somebody mentioned that the original EXS version uses the Mod wheel to crossfade between 5 groups (6 velocity layers for each), something that got lost in the conversion process to the DS version. It was mentioned that there is a new DS version where that behaviour will be correctly implemented
    I was surprised to see 30 different single note groups, but that is what contributes to make up the sound and character of the instrument. However, this setup can easily get REALLY loud, particularly when whacking the low register, or playing too many notes simultaneously, so take that into account to avoid seeing the instrument volume going in the red when playing chunky chords.
    Another thing I noticed is the panning, which tends to be dwelling on the left side of the stereo image most of the time, not a problem, but worth bearing it in mind.

    I agree with Christian, this instrument really is a "get out of jail" card!

    03 August 2022
  • Simply brilliant

    This dobro really has a great sound and is very easy to play.
    Its simplicity really is what makes this instrument excellent, and Steve really did not need to do much to make it sound great in its virtual form.
    The UI may be virtually non-existent, but personally I see no need for it, given the intention of the instrument.

    1937 Dobro19 May 2022
  • Lots of character

    With so many samples Dan obtained from the community, the risk would have been to create a mash of conflicting sounds. However, it was never in doubt that that would happen, as Dan's excellent processing created such a sweet, multi-layered cake of sounds that really complement each other and create a marvellous sonic world

    Isolation Collaboration13 October 2021
  • Lots of character

    Having the separate main layers is incredibly useful