NFO Alternative Chamber Strings

Chamber strings longs and drones recorded by the Northern Film Orchestra...

  • Decent Sampler
  • Kontakt

Epic Fireworks

A percussion kit created from the sounds of explosions and whooshes of fireworks...

  • Kontakt

Plastic Flap

Squeaky noises from protective plastic film...

  • Kontakt

Space Voices

Humming and whistling that will propel you a few light years away from our planet...

  • Kontakt

Sounds from the Kitchen Vol. 2: Synth Chair

More wonderful sounds from the kitchen!...

  • Kontakt

Sounds from the Kitchen Vol 2: Drinking Glass

Glass Bells made from a drinking glass...

  • Kontakt

Sounds from the Kitchen

Various kitchen implements transformed into instruments....

  • Kontakt

Marco Iannello’s Reviews

  • Lots of character

    Having the separate main layers is incredibly useful

  • Lots of character

    With so many samples Dan obtained from the community, the risk would have been to create a mash of conflicting sounds. However, it was never in doubt that that would happen, as Dan's excellent processing created such a sweet, multi-layered cake of sounds that really complement each other and create a marvellous sonic world

  • Delightful samples

    Having used items from my kitchen, or my mum's in Rome, Italy, to create a few sample libraries, I totally loved this, and the meticulous recording and production processes Dan always employs really puts this collection of sounds at the top

    Pots & Pads13 October 2021
  • Most versatile felt?

    I fell in love with this at first "hearing", and it became the main instruments of my track "Felt of Four" on my "Piano Explorations" album. And of course I have found ways to incorporate it in some horror contexts, because the lower register is just begging to be used in that context. Combining all patches together creates an incredible explosion of sound, scary brilliant!

    Triple Felt Experiment13 October 2021
  • Instant drama feels

    I had totally forgotten about these samples until a few months ago, when I was writing a library track in the style of Nine Inch Nails the Atticus patches being the stars of the show, naturally. And suddenly a whole new world appeared in front of me, and now I can hardly forget about these ones again. And so much fun manipulating them, they adapt very easy to being mangled and destroyed

    Fuckbox Samples13 October 2021
  • Not just for the LABS Soft Piano

    Truly inspiring set of amazing soundscapes that go well with anything, really. Actually, they work stunningly well on their own, too, having those faint piano notes in the back really adds that bit of shimmer, or haunting presence, to the soundscape. Right out of the box immediate inspiration!