Marco Iannello’s Reviews

  • Lots of character

    With so many samples Dan obtained from the community, the risk would have been to create a mash of conflicting sounds. However, it was never in doubt that that would happen, as Dan's excellent processing created such a sweet, multi-layered cake of sounds that really complement each other and create a marvellous sonic world

  • Lots of character

    Having the separate main layers is incredibly useful

  • Cymbal swells that sync!

    It may not be the most complex sample library out there, but very often it is these simpler ones those one just needs.
    Great sounds, the cymbals were brilliantly recorded, good selection of different cymbals, as well, which certainly gives this pack lots of usage.
    The ability to sync to the next downbeat is certainly the crown jewel of this pack!
    The GUI could be made better by colouring the different keys according to the length, i.e. make all short swell red.
    Also, but this is a personal preference, I think having the lengths arranged from short to long feels more natural.

    Cymbal Swells03 January 2022
  • Not just for the LABS Soft Piano

    Truly inspiring set of amazing soundscapes that go well with anything, really. Actually, they work stunningly well on their own, too, having those faint piano notes in the back really adds that bit of shimmer, or haunting presence, to the soundscape. Right out of the box immediate inspiration!

  • Instant drama feels

    I had totally forgotten about these samples until a few months ago, when I was writing a library track in the style of Nine Inch Nails the Atticus patches being the stars of the show, naturally. And suddenly a whole new world appeared in front of me, and now I can hardly forget about these ones again. And so much fun manipulating them, they adapt very easy to being mangled and destroyed

    Fuckbox Samples13 October 2021