The story

On 31st March 2020, I challenged the Pianobook community to submit a note or sample, be it a household object, voice or instrument, to the hashtag #dkisolationcollaboration. I hoped for a couple of entries. Within a few days, there were 200 submissions! This library is the result of that effort.

This is the total combined instrument. There are two dynamic layers and two round robins per sample – each lasting 28 seconds! This library is intended to inspire and, due to its super long samples, chords have many minutes of unravelling notes and noises before repeating in the same way – something I find to be quite inspiring!

The sounds culminate in four sound worlds: Soft Burbles, Short Pulses, Weightless Atmospheres and Rough Edges. These sound worlds can be blended using the Exp knob (MIDI learned to CC1) and volume can be adjusted simultaneously using the Vol knob (MIDI learned to CC11).

For those of you creating your own versions, the samples have been designed to fade easily so no specific loop settings will be necessary to get your instruments up and running. In my version, I have stretched each sample down by 1 octave from the root note. If you do decide to make alternative versions, please do share them with me or via the Pianobook site for others to enjoy too!

I hope you love this library as much as I have enjoyed creating it! For more information, check out my walkthrough in the YouTube video below.


Reviews for Isolation Collaboration

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  • Dan is the best

    remember this being on of the first libraries i downloaded on the site last year and how amazed i was. I was transitioning from making rap beats into this world of organic downtempo and film music. Coming from using synth based vsts i was so happy to find all these organic based instruments. I actually bought kontakt just for pianobook originally because the sounds were that special to me. Dan was a huge part of this transition for me. I still love this library a year later. The pad itself is lush and warm. and then also, all the random little things that happen inside it are wondrous. It's so awesome to see Dan working for spitfire now and he and his instruments have really inspired me.

    septemberwalk27 October 2021
  • Truly moving and beautiful sound

    The sound instantly made me teary. So beautiful, very delicate texture which is my favorite kind of sound. Dan is full of inspiration, genius of sound creation!

    Asuka Amane16 October 2021
  • A PB Classic!

    We all know we love this sound, not just because it's well recorded, well edited, totally playable, and greatly inspiring, but because of the amazing collaboration it represents in our community. Of course, we all love Dan too. :-D The way this sound evolves when you bump up the mod wheel is magical, and while simple, this is pretty much PB perfection!

    Sam EcoffSamplist 04 November 2021
  • Amazing sound

    I'm extremely surprise how good it sounds. Really great job.

    SantiS23 January 2022
  • A Wonderful Project

    This library is pure ambient heaven. Just hold down a chord and listen how the music unfolds. All of the samples are so long that the sounds just keep evolving and you can add even more variety with the mod wheel. Absolutely gorgeous atmospheres. Just holding down one chord almost feels like a complete score. I highly recommend to check this one out!

    AndromedaX825 September 2022
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