The story

One of my colleagues at my day job had posted a video of somebody holding an open box containing some optical fibre cables, and upon disconnecting one of those a very shrieking, high pitched sound is emitted.
After ruminating on that particular sound for some days, I finally decided to grab my phone, play the video and record the sound.

Here is the original video mentioned above:

Reviews for Optical Fibre

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  • Horror tool

    Just play around for a couple of minutes and then you immerse in a never ending suspended atmosphere, it reminds me of first Resident Evil games,
    making something out of optical fibre cables is absolutely fantastic and I will use it in my music.

    SamanSamplist 18 February 2023
  • Great for Tension Beds and SFX

    This library is great for tension tracks! I've used this on a handful of library tracks (horror, crime and general tension) and also plan on using it for an upcoming thriller project. I love using the "Breaths" patch for transitions and SFX. Thanks for this one, Marco!

    riffsthatrule28 March 2023