Emil G. Music’s Reviews

  • Amazing samples with lots of special character

    I was working on a percussive project when Dan posted this. I got a copy and brought it into my DAW. It is just what I needed. Sounds great out of the box. Just add water :-) I think the GUI is great too as it is not needed at all. Any tweaking can be done in the channel strip or under the hood. Love the photo.

    Cassette Drums17 November 2021
  • This instrument is beautiful

    Warm, rich, smooth, interesting, intricate, musical. inspiring! This piano with the pad combo has me over the moon with ideas.

    Gentle Grand23 December 2021
  • Just what I needed

    Used these to accent notes in a track where just a little more spark was needed. Just what the doctor ordered. Thanks Jon.

    Schulmerich Handbells11 March 2022
  • A piano with lots of character

    I was working on a project to bring an old cassette recording back to life and needed a piano to fill in the bottom end. I tried several and could not find one that worked until I came across this piano. It was the perfect fit. Full of character, with just the right tones.

    The project was The Walking Wounded (Lost in Time), lost in time being the theme of the music. https://youtu.be/EUY0z4psK0U

    1911 Bechstein Upright01 December 2021