The story

A couple of years ago, I recorded drums for a friend’s debut album at a small studio here in the UK. It’s out now, and you can check it out here: After we finished recording, I sampled the kit for some potential future warping and mangling, and it’s lived in a dusty Pro Tools session ever since – until now. I rescued the samples and recorded them onto a TDK Type II Chrome cassette, processing them on the way back into my DAW with a dbx160 stereo compressor. The result is a loud, gritty, in-your-face drum pack bursting with character. Featuring kick, snare, two toms, a crash and ride cymbal, this library has 3 dynamic layers and 3 round robins and is compatible with Kontakt 5 or later. Check out my walkthrough below!

Cassette Drums Walkthrough


Reviews for Cassette Drums

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  • Way to go

    Just a beautiful work. Playable, full functional, sounds great. Perfect for urban grooves or soundtracks.

    Marcelo5807 February 2022
  • Amazing samples with lots of special character

    I was working on a percussive project when Dan posted this. I got a copy and brought it into my DAW. It is just what I needed. Sounds great out of the box. Just add water :-) I think the GUI is great too as it is not needed at all. Any tweaking can be done in the channel strip or under the hood. Love the photo.

    Emil G. MusicSamplist 17 November 2021
  • Thanks and a question

    As usual yours samples are beautifula and inspiring.
    We can never thank you enough for your work.
    I'd like to make a multioutput kontakt instrument, kick to one chanel snare to other, HH to other...
    But, using kontakt, when I send any group of samples to other output, except the default instrument output, they doesn't sound with the total lenght. Like a gatered sound...
    I am working with the amp section of kontakt. I do not know what is happening.
    Can you help me? THX.
    In the mixer of kontakt was 2 new channels named "dk drums" redirected to 1/2 output, maybe they interfered in the signal of the others channels. if you delete those channels everything works fine.

    FGRMusica18 November 2021
  • Oh those crummy cassette sound,

    simply LOVE this

    fits perfectly in with the other elements of the compotation

    and no gripes about this

    good job DK
    keep it up

    de silva13 December 2021
  • Extra Cool Drums

    This is one of my favorite drum libraries. The analog tape gives these drums such a lovely rounded and warm sound, I love it. I prefer this sound much more than a normally recorded drum kit, which can sometimes sound a bit harsh. The playability is really nice as well and the layout on the Keyboard is nice and easy. I highly recommend to give these drums a try, you might love them too.

    AndromedaX826 September 2022
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