Sam Knight’s Reviews

  • Very unique piano that brings out ideas you wouldn't previously have

    This might be my favorite piano library on Pianobook. I hadn't thought of blending samples in this way before, so it really opened me up to that. I find that I can load up this library and feel pretty confident that I'll find ideas that I like. I will say that it may not be for everyone, since it's not exactly just your dry piano sound, but it fits perfectly for me

    Midnight Upright15 October 2021
  • Super unique, really brings out so many ideas

    Loved this concept and being able to have my piano be apart of it. Really inspiring sound ideas all throughout this piano!

    Chapters Piano30 March 2022
  • Beautiful sounding piano

    These are my favorite kind of sampled pianos. The recording sounds great and the piano sounds great but in a really unique way. Has a lot of character to it that makes me always gravitate towards it. Only wish there was some sort of GUI, because I'm always going in to tweak the reverb since I like much dryer sound than what's built into the instrument. Amazing job!

    26 April 2022