The story

I started a circuit bending class at my school recently and we started off by making simple circuits on a breadboard. This instrument is one of those circuits, made from a simple 555 timer. This circuit diagram for this specific one is in Forest Mim’s book, 555 Timer IC Circuits.

Reviews for Breadboard Synth

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  • Character
  • Playability
  • Inspiration
  • GUI

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  • This is very nice

    This is great fun to play with, sounds really raw!

    Can't wait to put this to more use!!

    Harry BinnsSamplist 13 August 2022
  • Enjoyable palate - tweakable for non-synth players

    Can get soft organ tones up through strong distortion. I enjoy the controls.
    There's not too many knobs which might appeal if you're like me and get lost on most synths - but with these I can quickly learn what the knobs do and shape the sound in a meaningful way. Tones are vintage-retro in a nice way.

    durable03 May 2022
  • A highly customizable guitar-synth!

    This is a great synth that features a cool distorted guitar sound, that can be tampered with in a lot of ways. On the GUI, you have this cool, oldschool-like knob design with tons of options, including ADSR controls and filters, but the main controls surround the amp and the chorus effects that make it stand out. The overall quality is really good, so if you are into various synth effects, this is a great option.

    Alex Raptakis28 April 2022
  • Very piercing (in a good way) sound

    This is THE tool for your weird lead synth sounds. Lots of tweakability. The UI is a bit chaotic, but that is also a part of the charm.
    You can do surprisingly lot with this one.