Practice Room Piano

A Yamaha upright piano from the dorm practice rooms at Berklee College of Music

The story

| go to Berklee College of Music and was recently assigned some homework to
sample any instrument in Kontakt. I’ve been a big fan of Pianobook since | first saw
it advertised by Christian, so | Knew | wanted to sample a piano and submit it here.
| sampled a Yamaha upright piano in the practice rooms in my dorm building, both
with the felt pedal and without. This is my first sample instrument, so | really spent
time learning how to use Kontakt and implement everything | wanted to. | recorded
with a Zoom Hin and an iPhone, because | love the lo-fi blend they can produce.

I’m really happy with how it came out, hope you enjoy!

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  • Why we love this piano

    I am a fan of decent sampler and all the free sample packs. I use it for my students. with a serious disability. Pauline uses her eye gaze system and our free software EyePlayChords to make music. We just love to use this sound! This is a video we made this morning.

    MyBreathMyMusic24 January 2022
  • My favorite

    I tried almost every upright piano from pianobook, and this is my favorite! for my personal taste, it has more dynamic range in tone than others

    fiadarola13 November 2021
  • Hope you got full marks for this

    These are two lovely piano sample instruments, and it's really cool to hear about the classes at Berklee, as a student at CalArts. The LoFi quality definitely came through, although others should note that this instrument uses C4 as middle C not C3. That's not really a deal breaker in any sense, and I can't wait to see more from you, as this was an amazing sampling job for a first attempt.

    Murph Elyria12 October 2021
  • A piano with some lo-fi elements

    You don't really expect an instrument called "Practice Room Piano' to be leaning towards the Lo-Fi route, but this is what mostly defines this one. I'd personally like a more clean sound by default, with the added option to have noise on top - or just have noise running through the entire patch so you don't have empty spots if you stop playing.

    The name "Practice Room" piano might also be a little misleading to people looking for a simple piano patch to load up quickly for practice, which is not the case for this one. In terms of the sound, it comes with a nice Reverb and Delay effects, which you can't control too much but they can create an interesting sound. I'm not sure if this next thing was intentional, but I noticed that once you play staccato, the noises that are built up just stop immediately - and while if you play smoothly, they go on with you. This makes it very interesting as the staccato creates a very sudden feeling which can be used very creatively.

    The felt patch seems very low-heavy, so keep that in mind. It's always nice for the user to have the extra options.

    Alex Raptakis01 December 2021
  • Pretty Good but needs a bit of work

    Although i usually prefer darker more cinematic felt pianos, i think this one overall sounds pretty good. The recording is good and the tone of the piano is pretty full in all the places that it needs to be. Pretty deep in the low end and sparkly in the highs. I dont like the mids as much, i find them to be a bit plain, but again, im used to using felt pianos. The downsides to this instrument are the programming issues. Most of the time it doesn't feel very smooth and natural while playing. I think maybe there are some issues with the release of some notes being too fast and not dying out naturally. This is a pretty nice instrument overall but i think it could use some work. The Reverb also sounds really nice especially in the high ens

    septemberwalk07 November 2021
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