The story

| go to Berklee College of Music and was recently assigned some homework to
sample any instrument in Kontakt. I’ve been a big fan of Pianobook since | first saw
it advertised by Christian, so | Knew | wanted to sample a piano and submit it here.
| sampled a Yamaha upright piano in the practice rooms in my dorm building, both
with the felt pedal and without. This is my first sample instrument, so | really spent
time learning how to use Kontakt and implement everything | wanted to. | recorded
with a Zoom Hin and an iPhone, because | love the lo-fi blend they can produce.

I’m really happy with how it came out, hope you enjoy!

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  • Why we love this piano

    I am a fan of decent sampler and all the free sample packs. I use it for my students. with a serious disability. Pauline uses her eye gaze system and our free software EyePlayChords to make music. We just love to use this sound! This is a video we made this morning.

    MyBreathMyMusic24 January 2022
  • My favorite

    I tried almost every upright piano from pianobook, and this is my favorite! for my personal taste, it has more dynamic range in tone than others

    fiadarola13 November 2021
  • Practice Room Piano

    I don’t usually give reviews on stuff .but this is out of this world literally. I love this .this is the best piano I’ve ever tried .I’m using it on iOS on a iPad but for some reason It doesn’t load in 100%. It says errors were encountered. it still plays but it has a slight clicking sound I would just like to thank you for putting this on playbook it is absolutely Brilliant
    thank you.If you get a chance .could you have a look into this I am on iPad Pro M1 256 gig iOS 14.5

    jo25 October 2023
  • Hope you got full marks for this

    These are two lovely piano sample instruments, and it's really cool to hear about the classes at Berklee, as a student at CalArts. The LoFi quality definitely came through, although others should note that this instrument uses C4 as middle C not C3. That's not really a deal breaker in any sense, and I can't wait to see more from you, as this was an amazing sampling job for a first attempt.

    Murph Elyria12 October 2021
  • A piano with some lo-fi elements

    You don't really expect an instrument called "Practice Room Piano' to be leaning towards the Lo-Fi route, but this is what mostly defines this one. I'd personally like a more clean sound by default, with the added option to have noise on top - or just have noise running through the entire patch so you don't have empty spots if you stop playing.

    The name "Practice Room" piano might also be a little misleading to people looking for a simple piano patch to load up quickly for practice, which is not the case for this one. In terms of the sound, it comes with a nice Reverb and Delay effects, which you can't control too much but they can create an interesting sound. I'm not sure if this next thing was intentional, but I noticed that once you play staccato, the noises that are built up just stop immediately - and while if you play smoothly, they go on with you. This makes it very interesting as the staccato creates a very sudden feeling which can be used very creatively.

    The felt patch seems very low-heavy, so keep that in mind. It's always nice for the user to have the extra options.

    Alex Raptakis01 December 2021
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