The story

Every piano tells a story, but never before has one collected eighty-eight different stories into a single instrument. Each key tells a small tale from somewhere in the world, and together they create a rich chronicle of texture and tone.

This sample pack was create LIVE for Piano Day 2022 with pianos from across Pianobook.

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  • Beware!!!

    Great sample library. Beware of altering without saving the presets again after a jam sesh, and you won't lose your settings! I actually got an error message stating 2 files were missing. I downloaded Chapters Piano again and replaced it with the old one, which worked fine with no errors. Bish, bash bosh!

    Ethan EdwardsSamplist 03 October 2022
  • I never leave a review but...

    Right out of the box, this is perhaps the finest instrument i've found on piano book. The disparate piano sounds add so much character to any part, though they work best when played as chords. The optional rhythms are my favorite. They all jibe together harmoniously, you could really create something interesting and wonderful by simply holding down a chord.

    Skump23 April 2024
  • 88 times the awesomeness

    Having 88 different pianos in 88 different keys is something I never would have imagined. The sound is moving and inspiring! Thank you!

    Andrew_ReedsSamplist 01 April 2022
  • Piano

    Bril inspiration, just show's what can be done when a bunch of great minds come together.

    pete5330 March 2022
  • Amazingly weird piano!

    I really like the idea of this piano, the fact that each note is a different melody loop is certainly very new and interesting, all of the melodies where recorded very cleanly with great quality, unfortunately I find it hard to see anyone use it effectively for a project as none of the keys are consistent with their partners.

    10/10 on the idea and recording, definitely needs some more iterations to make it useful.

    Keep it up! :D

    Le_Lluc29 March 2022
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