The story

I recently began trying to learn clarinet and really wanted to sample it, but wasn’t able to play it well enough to make a convincing instrument. It made me play around with cool effects to try and make a sound that wasn’t just trying to be a clarinet. I ended up using guitar rig pro for my effects and made an instrument that really reminded me of an organ. Hope you enjoy!


Reviews for Clarinet Organ

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  • GUI

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  • Awesome little niche library!

    Been playing around and it feels like something that could be used especially in some kind of looped hip hop sample thing. Very unique and interesting sounding instrument! Thanks for the hard work!

    NightDocs12 February 2022
  • Circus Vibes

    Whilst not hugely dynamic in usage- at least for me, the airy and wavery sound given through the samples fits perfectly for a circus/carnival/etc piece. Wish there was a bit more control over the sound, though! (Perhaps a staccato?)

    WhoviVortex05 February 2022
  • A different take on the clarinet

    While it's a bit chaotic and overly processed, this clarinet indeed sounds like an organ. The sound signature is very unique, with a harsh tone to it, that bounces left and right very quickly. It's definitely an interesting sound, especially considering the very smooth nature of the clarinet, because this kind of goes againstits conventional sound.

    There is a very nice GUI included, but with limited options. I would personally like an Attack and Release settings as well, just to be able to make it either play in a short, staccato-like style, or with a very long and smoother pad-like sound.

    Alex Raptakis06 February 2022