Midnight Upright

An upright piano with additional blended layers and effects ...

The story

This upright piano belongs to my mother who wanted to learn the piano when she was a kid but gave up really quickly.
It has been at my parent’s house for almost 30 years and has never been tuned since.
2 years ago, I started to develop sample libraries and always wanted to record this unstable beauty one day.
3 weeks ago, I gave it a shot and here is result.

I used a pair of Neumann KM184 and put a blanket between the strings and the hammers for a very gentle sound. 3 dynamics layers have been recorded as well as release triggers and pedal noises.
Play C#-2 and you’ll see there’s also a silent room recording for an extra realism when mixing.

To add interest to the sound, I also decided to create 2 more layers for blending with the piano one.
The first one is the piano recording processed in Logic and played back thru a Tascam Portastudio 414 MKII and driven thru a Boss KM60 mixer.
The second one holds a special place in my heart because it is the first instrument I bought when I decided to create my company. It is a cheap Chord Organ from Lorenzo. It is very noisy when powered on but is so beautiful when used as a pad with lots of reverb.

I hope you will like this instrument as much as I like creating it
Alex Raynaud


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  • Some lovely textures

    First word that came into my head upon first playing this pack: "plonky". Favourite chord to play with this pack: Eb Major. There are some nice elements with this pack, including an intimate sound and some bonus pads and other layers to give more character. I think this pack needed one more dynamic layer down at the lower end of the dynamics. It's also a shame about the buzzes between C1 and C2. Whilst this gives the piano some character, it does stand out too much and can be distracting.

    Ryan Kearsey15 October 2021
  • Very unique piano that brings out ideas you wouldn't previously have

    This might be my favorite piano library on Pianobook. I hadn't thought of blending samples in this way before, so it really opened me up to that. I find that I can load up this library and feel pretty confident that I'll find ideas that I like. I will say that it may not be for everyone, since it's not exactly just your dry piano sound, but it fits perfectly for me

    Sam Knight15 October 2021
  • Unique Piano

    The lower notes in this sample are excellent, the layers work of each other very well! if you need a solo piano with an edge then Midnight Piano is the one.

    Leon Price14 October 2021
  • Nice soft piano with a little extra

    I really really like the addition of the low octave on this. And it pairs well with the natural character of the piano. My only two issues: 1: I'm not a fan of the scratchy, wirey attack sound. It's on a lot of sample sets – especially soft pianos – so I think some like it, but I find it distracting. Plus in this instrument the attack panned, right for high notes, left for low ones. 2: The GUI is lovely looking but it's not super intuitive, so it takes some time to experiment and figure it out.

    ChesterGwazda13 October 2021