Bedroom Drums

A Sonor Martini Mini Kit fir for a bedroom...

The story

A couple of years ago I bought a Sonor Martini Mini Kit so I could fit one in my tiny bedroom. In order to make it fit, I couldn’t use the low tom or ride cymbal. The one cymbal on the kit is an Istanbul Agop Signature 18″ crash. The hi-hats are Zildjian 15″ K series sweet hi-hats. For mics I used 3 Digital Preference DRDK4’s, and one MXL 603s. Hope you enjoy!

Reviews for Bedroom Drums

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  • Amazing retro sounding drums

    This is the drum sound I have been looking for my new project! thank you and keep up the good work. very balanced drums and great kick and snare!

    Gab Chi30 December 2021
  • Great sampling but would like round robins

    These samples sound really good. Reminds me a bit of rock with you with michael jackson. All the samples sounds great, The snare is snappy and percussive, the kick is warm and punchy and the hats and rides are bright but not piercing. Theres a good amount of dynamics in this kit but for how good this kit sounds we really need some round robins. It would sound a million times better with just three round robins for each part of the drum. I think round robins are extremely important in drum libraries. The GUI offers mixing options for the individual drums which is nice. Great job on the sound of this but again some round robins would probably make this the best drum kit on pianobook

    septemberwalk02 November 2021
  • Vibey Drums

    Characterful and distinct, these drums have a lot going for them. They're well-recorded, and well played. There's no round robins, but plenty of velocity layers to keep things real. I would totally use these in a production.

    Sam Ecoff19 October 2021
  • sneaky dope

    simple and real. sounds all but too familiar.

    steez14 October 2021
  • Wonderful sound with a big problem

    The is one issue that creates small problems that hold this drum instrument back, and it's a shame because I really dig the sound. It has to do with the velocity. The velocity very low velocity layers are EXTREMELY low in volume, and that makes some samples just disappear. The biggest example is the open-hat and the ride when you try to play dynamically and moderately fast. The difference is so big that some times it's not like you are playing anything.

    Also, the hi-hat fails to "ring", stopping itself to let you let you hear the lower velocity which is barely audible. If this gets fixed, I'm sold! The cymbals are way louder than the other hits, but fortunately the GUI offers knobs to control the volume balance. Usually these come in the form of mixer faders but knobs are better than nothing.

    Alex Raptakis01 December 2021
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