Backyard Chimes

Playable wind chimes recorded with three round robins and a single velocity layer with multiple effect options....

The story

“Many years ago, we came across the most amazing wind chimes in a local shop that was going out of business. These chimes have been a musical addition to our garden, so I decided to record and share their sounds with the community.

I have created four instruments in both Kontakt 5 and EXS24. The Kontakt versions have the added feature of chorus controlled by the mod wheel.

“Backyard Chimes” and “Backyard Chimes Storm” are mapped to two octaves from C4 to C6. The chimes were recoded naturally and then tuned. The ADSR is set to release the note with minimal delay as you play.

“Backyard Chimes Wind” and “Backyard Chimes Windstorm” are mapped to four octaves starting at D2. Each octave is an individual sample of the chimes blowing in the wind. Although these samples are mapped up the scale, they are not tuned. These chimes create amazing harmonics when playing together.

Both “Storm” patches were processed through an OTO BAM and have the ADSR set to allow the full sample to play with each key trigger.

All instruments use three round-robins and were recorded in a single velocity layer, as the best sounding results come from normal clapper hits.

A stereo pair of Ear Trumpet Labs Edwina microphones were placed 18 inches away on either side of the chimes, giving the samples natural stereo separation. These microphones are hand-made large-diaphragm condenser microphones that produce a warm accurate recording, perfect for chimes. No EQ or compression was used.

I heard several stage performers use these microphones and was amazed to learn that no EQ or compression was used, which is what led me to add a pair to the microphone cabinet. And I am happy I did.

I hope you are inspired by these wonderful chimes.

Musically yours,

Emil G.”


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  • Could not locate the samples.

    Will update library when I can get to work, but none of the samples would load. tried downloading 3 times.

    tyerac12 October 2021